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Sudden decrease of attributes on players

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Have any of u experienced that some players all of a sudden lose 1-2 attributes across the board in no time at all, for no apparent reason? I had one of the best strikers in the world but now after the decrease it destoyed this long term save for me...

What is the reason behind this? I use the same training ive used for 22 seasons and this has just never happened before, and they werent injured either.20220513010800_1.thumb.jpg.1402fbe4470817136438016a56c6db13.jpg


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Ok. Let's start. Player can decrease or increase attributes based on:

- Rest CA/PA
- Player: Determination, Ambition, Professionalism
- Age
- Coaching Department
- Training Facilities
- Training Schedules

Let's take a close look at CA/PA.
When a player has 100 PA and it's 90 CA; it's highly unlikely to improve in some attributes, like physicals ones.
That's why because player has different weighting for each attribute in each position.
What happens when a player it's nearly to reach PA number or have reach PA number? Player will have slower development or decline.
Why? Because as I said above; all the above factors effect player development or declining.
So, if you focus heavily in physical attributes ("eats" more CA numbers; like development weak foot), have to decrease somewhere else to make room for others.
That's the general idea. There is a lot more details to determine why a player improve or decline. 

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