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[FM22] "Just Welly It Up The Pitch" - Hometown Glory


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The Save

This will be a one club save. I have used the editor to move my local club, Wellington Rec, into the the lowest playable league in Northern Ireland and this is where I will be staying! The only other change I have made is changing them from an Amateur club (even though all players are still on Amateur contracts) to a Semi-Professional club which aligns with the rest of the league.

The Club


Facilities at this level are quite poor as expected! But hopefully we can improve this as we go along!

The club in itself is quite a renowned amateur club in Northern Ireland and are awaiting a grant to redo their clubhouse and pitches up. For those interested plans are below:


I am actually involved at the club as well and manage their u12 team so this save really should start to get me a but more!

The Objectives

To become the biggest club in N.I and qualify for Europe! 

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Season Review




It was always going to be a tough season with us being 1000-1 to win the title. The team above us where 80-1 which shows the gap between us and the rest. We only had 6 players at the club so signed a load of free transfers who are currently not great for this level just to ensure we had a team to put out. I tried to bring players in with good potential but in hindsight its probably better to go with experience and current ability rather than potential until we are progressing up the leagues. 

League Table


We didnt finish bottom which is a plus point but only won 2 games all season. Thankfully no relegation at this level so hopefully a better performance next season!

Irish Cup


A decent run here was only ended by one of the big Belfast teams in Glentoran. We pushed them all the way and only lost by a single goal!

Bet McLean Cup


They were too good for us on the day and 2-1 really flattered us!

Steel & Sons Cup


We played well in these games comfortably getting through the first 2 games and where the better team against Immaculata but couldnt make our chances count!

Intermediate Cup


One big win followed by a loss to a Premier League sides reserve team!

Player Review - Joe Bell


One of the many young players we brought in on frees and he has been one of the better performers. Solid mentals for this level and still room to grow! He got 2 goals and 2 assists in 23 (1) appearances!

Player Of The Season - Ross Craig


Our main man up front and he pretty much saved us from finishing bottom of the league. He grabbed an impressive 13 goals in 24 games along with 4 assists!

Young Player Of The Season - Joel Devlin


Another of the young players we brought in to play in the holding midfield position. The bravery, determination and work rate really stand out at this level. Hope he can continue to progress and become a big player for us!

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End Of Season




With the transfers we adjusted and went more for current ability rather than potential and it really paid off. We were much more consistent this year and whilst still having a very young team the better all round ability really told.

League Table


We win the league by 3pts. As you can see a lot of teams are taking points off each other and Bangor where actually leading for most of the season until a Spring capitulation!

Irish Cup


Big money local rivals Larne knocked us out although their former player did get a goal against them!

Bet McLean Cup


Out at the first round to league rivals Armagh in a tight game!

Steel & Sons Cup


A poor showing here. Comfortably past lower league Killyleagh before somehow not beating Donegal Celtic despite dominating!

Intermediate Cup


A great run here beating some local league rivals but Armagh where the better team in the final!





Lots of players in and a load released. As mentioned before we went with more current ability than potential here!

Player Review - Niall Fielding


Only joined in January but a very solid centre half for this level! Played well thus far!

Player Of The Season - Matthew Swann


Our main goal getter this season with 14 goals and also an impressive 8 assists in 23 (5) games!

Young Player Of The Season - Kye Livingstone


Signed from local rivals Larne after he was released he has come in and injected some pace on the right hand side. 9 goals and 6 assists from the wing is a great return!


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