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champions league Semifinal and Quarter final , team collapse

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I normally win first leg. Sometimes with 3 ore 4 goals. But in the return leg, I lose on aggrate. 
Its insane. The goals just starts go straight in. 

Any one had same problems? What do you do different in your return leg? 


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Opposing team playing on higher mentality in 2nd leg? With low line of engagement they might have plenty of time to throw balls over the top.                      When I drop my high/ much higher line of engagement,  I notice momentum going to the other team.  And they take advantage of if attacking. 

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I'd say that a positive mentality in away games is a bit too optimistic against big teams in Europe, whoever you are and what your squad looks like. 

Your midfield looks way too attacking and it might work at home (when opponents are more careful and cautious with their game plan) but it's cut through like a knife in away games.

I'd add more defensive roles in midfield like BWMd or CMd. At least two of the three players should be in roles that don't roam around too much and provide backbone to your midfield without drifting away from position. I'd say that your right defence is a glaring weakness (attacking WBa, who has very little help from Ziyech and even Bennacer is on support, not defending, so almost nobody dropping back to fill this gap. When Varane goes wide to fill it, your central defence has too big gaps in it and that's a fairly simple exploit for an attacking team.

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