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Centre Back pressing

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Wanting to see if people have different theories or settings they use for the CB pairing with regards to pressing.

I usually like to have one standard, and the other close down less, not sure if it really helps much, in my head he acts more as a safety net by not rushing in.

If I have one on cover, I have been experimenting with him as the standard pressing and the CD D on less, which usually I'd have the other way but it seems to be going well



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7 minutes ago, Johnny Ace said:

Always just CD's on Defend for me, I've tried Stopper/Cover combos and always come unstuck so I go for the simple approach 

Completely agree with this, I can't remember ever getting Stopper/Cover to work.

The way I think of it is that if you have two CBs on defend, the opposition has to get through a line of two centre backs, whereas with a Stopper/Cover combination, the opponent only has to get through one centre back, albeit twice (as they won't be holding any sort of line). If that makes sense!

I'm sure it can work--perhaps with a pressing-heavy system, and an elite-level Stopper--but I've never managed it. I'd be interested to see a system where it has worked, though.

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Yeah fair calls guys. I was more interested if either of you change the individual pressing for the CB players. I've almost always rolled with the 2 CD-D but I usually have one set to close down less. 

I experimented with a Cover defender which seemed okay but latest tactic I've settled on much higher line, off side trap, both CD-D. Also have individual instructions for both of them close down less, seems to be working a treat, holding the line much better and less balls beating them over the top

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