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Leagues versus Nations gameworld

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I understand the need to limit the database size for xbox. Is there any reason it's done on the basis of numbers of nations rather than leagues?

I'm on the older xbox so have a limit of 5 nations. However I can load leagues all the way down to the same levels as the full version. This can lead to a lot of leagues to actually process.

It would be nice to have the option to spread those number of leagues, players and games among more nations. The leagues will have less depth but a nicer spread of higher leagues.

Is there any reason this is not possible? Limit it by database size or number of leagues or number of teams rather than the current 5 or 10 nations? I'm sure there's a very good reason that I wouldn't know.

On a side note the Y button is a handy confirmation button on the interface. It would be cool to have it when I'm changing tactics mid game rather than have to find my way to the confirm button if possible.

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