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really liking this! Top marks for including a light version as I do find a lot of skins too dark with my crappy laptop.

Having used FM Zealand a lot the only things I would suggest including if it's possible is:


* Tabbed info on the Player Overview screen

* Graphic showing their preferred foot

* Next opponent Team report on Home screen

* When loading a next day, their's a statistic bar in purple. could this be coloured to the primary colour of the team you're managing?


The big one for me and this is why I love the Zealand skin is on match day. Currently there is only 1 tab (Tactics & Subs). 

* Could you add extra tabs, specifically one for amending tactical style, raising defensive line etc. I do this all the time during the game and find it infurating the way SI desired this new UI where it's also an unncessary click extra.


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6 hours ago, krisdonna said:

Pretty neat skin for low resolution but why the value of the player says £0 at the attribute panel?






Maybe the creator hasnt updated the skin after the value code piece got changed as there is a value range now and not just a single value

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51 minutes ago, willz71172 said:

anyone got fix for that value of the player says £0

       <widget class="editable_client_object_property_panel" id="valu" auto_size="all" font="bold" colour="text" alignment="left, centre">
         <translation id="format" translation_id="383826" type="use" value="Valued at [%cash#1-roundsmall-short][COMMENT: FR 10661; player overview; string diaplyed a player's estimated monetary value]" />
         <record id="widget_properties" auto_size="all"/>
         <record id="object_property" get_property="Pdva" dont_set_hint="true" />

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