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[Suggestion] Add a hard/ironman mode to FM.


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As more and more people have become FM veterans the game has become too easy. Mainly when recruiting players, it’s too easy to recruit cheap high potential players. Only a small procentage of high potential players don’t make it. When you manage a club it’s to rarely to stagnating or getting fired. Essentially these suggestions try to make the game harder by making it more realistic.
Most of the suggestions that doesn’t change any game mechanics, that should make it simpler to implement.
All these features should have an on/off button or Ironman mode when you start a new game.
It’s important to state that most of these suggestions must be optional!

1.      Hide potential
Its is way to easy to se if a player has high potential. Hide the potential star rating and make it appear on scout report as a green/red scale icon/comment.
Or the only way to see potential of a young player could be if the player is better/worse than others at the same age.    


2.      Implement form of players
Dependent on avg. rating/injuries/randomness/nat. Fitness players can get up to +/- 2 to all attributes.
This could make it way harder to turn around a losing/winning streak.


3.      volatile attribute and potential changes
Attributes and potential should be much more volatile making the game more random and more challenging.
More players will/should be late bloomers ect.


4.      Hide attributes of players not at your club.

Most information on players attributes should be from scout reports. You should be unable to see attributes on players NOT at your club.
All attributes of the players at your club should be viable after the players has been at the club for 3-12 months.
However after some scouting you should be able to se some attributes thought the Polygon.
And scouts should be better at telling good/bad attributes.  


5.      Ironman saves.

Autosaves that make save scumming impossible/very hard.


6.      Minor unrelated point on upgrade to graphics around stadium and training facilities.

Take inspiration from Motorsport Manager (PC) facilities upgrade screen. Where you can easily see the upgrades to your facilities.  

This post is made with inspiration from the network game 05/21 - 22. (WTS, Dr Benjy, lollujo, zealand) 

EDIT 24/05/2022: 

Some of the features are already available here: https://www.fmscout.com/a-mustermann-graphical-fm22-skin.html 

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Love the hiding potential mode. I would also add obscuring attributes behind adjectives (i.e. dribbling is poor/mediocre/average/decent/good/excellent/ballon d'or tier) and stats (pace and acceleration hidden behind time over 30m and time over 100m).

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3 hours ago, azymin said:

I've personally found attribute masking helpful in adding some difficulty to the game. Takes at least a few weeks for a full player scout report.

I always play with attribute masking but its not enough. ;)


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Il 2/5/2022 in 23:18 , Pe399 ha scritto:

As more and more people have become FM veterans the game has become too easy.

Yes, really too easy :(

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On 12/05/2022 at 18:58, FlorianAlbert9 said:

I made this feature request some years ago that affect scout and masking attributes (and so level of difficulty)


let's just hope some of the suggestions get implemented at some point.
More post = more support = more likely to get implemented

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  • SI Staff

Thanks for taking the time to raise this here. This is something which has already been flagged as a request within the community, so has already been documented and is part of our internal database of features for consideration. Like all features raised to us, it could end up rejected, or could after extensive design and development become a part of a future FM.

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