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Using/reviving extinct nations - Dormant and non-dormant


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Let's say you wanted to make a country function like the Basque region in-game, just an aesthetic "second nationality" like Corsican or Catalan (maybe eventually recreating Barcelona using the Bermuda Hogges trick so they can only sign Catalans, but that's another project).

I assume you'd change the local region to being in the new nation, and that would take care of dual-national regens,

But who should you use? "Ireland pre-1922" seem to work for this purpose?

What if you want to add a fully functioning nation (either plug-and-play somewhere like Europe, or by recreating the continental structure in North America)? Who should you use? Does it make a difference?

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Good question, not sure about the answer. Problem with it is that Basque Country is a fully worked out country with (my assumption, but seeing the proof in the game I think I am right) a full namepool of players.

Using Ireland-Pre-1922 and renaming it to say Corsica would work. You could then add a language, but that doesn't guarantee you the right last names. It would give you the dual nations though.

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If you want them as a dummy nation that doesn't actually play any fixtures and exists solely for club transfer policy choices (like Basque) then Crimea is probably a good option. They're already hardcoded to not play any internationals. You might need to create a handful of players to setup a name pool so they don't all get Ukrainian names though.

If you want a fully functioning nation then don't use Crimea or the United Kingdom/Great Britain. Crimea are hardcoded not to play internationals, and the UK/GB are tied to England, Scotland etc. for nationality rules so doesn't function correctly as a standalone nation.

I'm not sure any continents are truly "plug and play" for new nations though. Possibly Africa (I've never tried it), but probably not anywhere else. Europe is for club competitions, but the Nations League and Euro quals (possibly WC quals too, although I think they should update to include them automatically) would need to be edited/re-created to add the extra team. Asia is the opposite, international teams are automatically included but you'd need to re-create the club competitions from scratch to include them there. North American club competitions would need to be re-created to include a new nation, not sure about the internationals though. Haven't tested South America, but I expect both club and international competitions wouldn't include new nations.

I believe somebody already created a dummy fictional nation added to Europe though, so you could just download that file and edit that nation to your liking rather than having to edit competitions to include them.

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