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I have managed to add down to tier 11 (regional feeder leagues). Can someone tell me how I can change a league to have more or less teams in the division from the 2022-23 season.

For example: The Southern League Central Division has 21 clubs in it for the 2021-22 season but then the 2022-23 season it should have 22 teams so all divisions in the tier have the same number of teams. I know it is possible using the advanced editor rules. I just don't know how to do this. Everything I've done has been using the basic rules.

All help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)


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You need to setup an alternative version of the league that takes over the following season with the new number of teams. You'll also need to set up "extra promoted teams" in either the league, or it's parent competition to tell it that more teams will be being promoted into it than are being relegated.

Have a look at the National League rules. The default rules for the NL and the NL North/South below it all have the same situation, so you could basically copy how they do it, although adjust numbers etc. to be right for the leagues you're doing.

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