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[FM 22] My own football world - 4 managers at one save


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Welcome to my thread where I will be presenting updates from my final long term save for FM22 where I play as 4 managers at once.

Please note I have already finished the 1st season and started the 2nd one, so the first update will be very general.

Why 4 managers?

I have 3 favorite teams - Arsenal, Barcelona, and Zaglebie Lubin. I like to manage all of them but switching between saves wasn't really a good idea as I like to create my own football world in my save, hence having 1 save is the only option. I also wanted to try my first journeyman save ever and start from the bottom, so this means adding another manager.

What is the goal of this save?

Eventually, I want to have only 1 manager on this save. My goal is to play as 4 managers for like 12-15 years and then, when the real players are not there anymore, I will retire the 3 managers and keep playing only as the one who started from the bottom (myself). My aim will be to get jobs in Zaglebie, Arsenal, and Barcelona as myself in the future, but before this I will try to manage some other teams in different countries.

What's the rules?

Nothing special, but I like realism. So there will be no cheating, no editor, 1st transfer window off, no transactions between my clubs that would be unrealistic. I use only my own tactics, but to save me some time I set my assistants to do training and play friendlies.

Who are the managers?

I usually like to play as real managers, hence it will be like this:

(please note the screenshots were made after the 1st season, so there are some spoilers...)

1. Arsenal - Mikel Arteta


2. Barcelona - Xavi


3. Zaglebie Lubin - Adam Nawalka (former manager of Polish national team, currently unemployed). I don't really like current Zaglebie manager so went for Nawalka.


4. Myself - I didn't want to start unemployed, but I gave myself no badges and Sunday league experience. I was looking for the right team to start in 6th tier of English football and I decided to go for Kettering Town. Why this team? I saw they got Logistics People on their shirts, and as I work in logistics I though this would give me a little background...



In the next post I will describe how my 1st season went and then I will start to provide more detailed updates of what is going in with all my teams during the 2nd seaon.

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1. ARSENAL LONDON - Summary of the 1st season (2021-22)


Premier League:

Until the last game we had a chance to both win the title or finish outside of the top 4... Luckily, we had a great performance against Crystal Palace while Man City and Man Utd lost their games, which meant FIRST PREMIER LEAGUE TITLE FOR ARSENAL SINCE 2003-2004!








(fees may seem low but 50% of fee from the next transfers are included, plus installments and many different add-ons. Definitely no cheating:))




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