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Scouting nations vs competitions.

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Probably a simple matter, but I'm just looking for re-assurance I'm on the right track here;


When scouting a nation, my understanding is the scout will travel the nation's competitions, trying to find a 'squad' level player. I.e. set to scout England, he'll go to the EPL, the Championship, FA Cup and whatever.

As a result, they will often miss young prospects as they're focusing on the senior level competitions.

So, for the purposes of scouting youngsters would the priority basically be;


1. Scouting the U18 competition

2. Scouting the "Reserves"/ U23 competition

3. Scouting the nation as a whole


Lastly; Can you assign a scout to scout two competitions concurrently; For example, if I set a scout to do U18's England the U18's World Cup, would he have the sense to switch between the two as needed, or will he refuse to do the International competitions until the domestic is 'complete'? I ask, because I tend to leave scouting assignments as 'ongoing', so if they won't switch, I guess I would need to set it to 'until finished'? However, wouldn't this be a bit of a PITA if there are mid-season qualifiers for example?


Any clarification is appreciated. Thanks.


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