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How to make Fulham purr?

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Im Fulham in the Championship, first season, 433 formation, no OIs. Rightback pass less risky (he then plays short possession balls into the forward ahead of him, Wilson)


Slot 1 Attacking with balanced tempo and passing

Slot 2 more Positive with shorter passing and slower tempo.

I switch between the two during a game, going to Positive if the other team start to get too many chances.

We are the strongest team in the division along with Bournemouth. We rate 1st/2nd in the division for things like First Touch, Composure, Pace, Acceleration, Technique, Passing, Agility, Flair, Long shots.

Its March and Ive been top and on long winning runs, but now Ive dropped to second.

We should be blowing teams away, but Ive found I usually end up winning 1-0, or 2-0 at best.

Goals from penalties or corners, or mistakes by opposition.

Im not scoring enough goals from open play, good moves being finished off with the opposition being unable to stop it. I do construct a few good passing moves, but they always end with a miss or a save.

I often end up getting bogged down by the corner flag, closely pressed, with short passing that takes a long time to escape that area, all the momentum lost.

Feels like options are limited up front when looking for key passes. But if I sacrifice a DM for an extra forward, Ill concede many more chances.

And although I create chances I rarely finish them, even with a good xg. There tend to be a large quantity of low/medium xg chances, rather than major xg chances.

Opposition will create a few good chances but miss them typically.

If I didnt have a great CB winning everything in the air, they would probably score more.

What am I doing wrong?

I feel especially Mitrovic and Wilson and Carvalho are not functioning as well as they could be. They are top players but are only just 'doing OK'.

And the AP, he seems to perform basically, is the lack of Killer Balls Trait ruining it?
















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