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Pressing issues

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So... there's a lot of pressure sliders and switches on team, opposition and players instructions and I sometimes feel a bit lost there. Maybe you can help me.

How does pressure works on a player/team basis. Does some instructions override others? Do they compound?

Let's say that, for whatever reason, I have my central 4 in midfield with lower pressure (PI) and my opp instructions (OI) on the opponent central 4 to never press and my team instructions (TI) to less frequent trigger press but my team in on Counter Press. I lose the ball on the midfield. How does my central midfield reacts? Does Counter Press override the other instructions and they just press the opponent when possession is lost? Does it compound and they press just a bit? Do they press normally for a few seconds after the ball is lost and then revert back to the other instructions (in this case, not to press)?
How all these press triggers work together?


Thank you! 


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