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Need help recreating a tactic

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Hey guys,

I wanna recreate following tactic: Click 

I probably need help everywhere :lol:

Starting with the roles: The only clear ones for me are the left CB as a WCB,the Left Defender as a WB(a) and the right attacking midfielder as an inverted Winger (or maybe even inverted attacker!?). 

Here's where I'm more guessing than knowing. LAM may be a Trequerista. Not sure if the Forwards more of a PF or a TM. I've put the CMs as DLP and B2B. The 2 other CBs are BPDs and the RB is a WB on defend tho. 

Regarding individual duties (I'm missing the right term right now sorry for that lol) I've put most on them on Less Dribbling except for the roles where I can't do that. Tackle harder on most of them. Roaming from position for some of them. Staying wider for most of them. 

Team instructions:

Positive mentality

Widest attacking width, focus play down left, overlapping both sides, much higher tempo, work ball into box, dribble less.

Counter when possession has been won, distribute to CBs, roll it out.

Much higher LOE + DL, force opponent to the outside, trigger press much more often. 


That's where I'm at right now. Would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you guys in advance!

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On 20/04/2022 at 16:51, Celo385 said:

That's where I'm at right now. Would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you guys in advance!

Sounds interesting, have you tried it out?

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