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Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea

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Has anyone managed to get any success trying to replicate his tactics or come close to something similar at Chelsea? As a Chelsea fan it’s something I’ve tried and tried but due to the amount of players he has at his disposal it’s quite hard to nail down. Would love to know how others have interpreted how he sets up formation and player roles.

I think the back 5 is pretty easy to put together.

Mendy a SK on defend/support

James a WB on attack

christensen or chalobah as BPD defend at RCB

Silva as a CD or BPD on cover 

Rudiger as a WCB on support at LCB

Chilwell as a complete wing back or IWB support. Can’t make my mind up on this role as before his injury he does roam a lot and you often see him making inside runs and arriving on the edge of the box or even in the box and scoring goals. but he can also get wide and get balls in the box. 

Now it starts to get trickier, I personally prefer Kante and Kova as a pair and therefor I’d say Kante was a Bwm on support, don’t like him as a b2b as he’s not great in around the opposition box and as for Kova I think he’s suited to a DLP on support role.

As for the front 3 it’s a lottery on who’s playing tbh. Sometimes it’s 2AMs and other times it’s 2wide wingers either side of the striker that come inside.  If going by real life (Lukaku out of form) I’d say Havertz was definitely a false nine with mount a supporting AMC. I wouldn’t say he has an attack role because of how deep he often comes. Then it’s down to who else plays that final position.

But going by the game, Lukaku needs to play so he’s my starting striker. I personally think he’s either an AF or a TF, he’s pretty well rounded on the game. If playing 2AMs in behind him I’d say mount is an AM on support and Havertz maybe a shadow striker or maybe a Trequortista. I guess pulisic could fit into this formation and so could Ziyech but definitely not CHO.

if going with the 2 wide attackers then I personally think they can all play out wide but maybe less suited to the wide positions are mount and Havertz.


My guess would be to have 2 different formations using same instructions. One with attacking mids and the other with wide attackers. Pressing would need to be set up different to stop opposition from playing out from the back due to player positioning on the front 3



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Can anyone help with the below screen shot? As you can see my front 3 in 342AM1 formation are all clustered together in and around the D. This is not ideal as it allows opposition GK to play to either center back and by the time 22 or 10 get there it’s too late and they passed to their wide open full backs hugging the touch line. Ideally the 22 and 10 need to be on the edges of the box to cut out the passing lanes to the full backs


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44 minutes ago, Sarriball14 said:

Can anyone help with the below screen shot?

Are you preventing short GK distribution or anything? It's only a snap shot of a GK but I'd expect the AM(S) to be a little deeper there


45 minutes ago, Sarriball14 said:

Ideally the 22 and 10 need to be on the edges of the box to cut out the passing lanes to the full backs

I think you'd need to set them in AML/R position for that or try man marking the fullbacks? How do Chelsea defend these situations in RL? 

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