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22.4.1 Databases and where to find them?


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Prior to the 22.4 and 22.4.1 updates I had downloaded a world database which gave me a ridiculous amount of nations and leagues to play with. Since the updates though I have struggled to find any databases that are compatible with them. 

I have tried a few different sites. (I play using MS Game Pass so steam workshop is not an option for me this year). I really enjoy playing as lower teams in any nation an I really want to try and make a nation like San Marino or Liechtenstein or even Andorra something like have decent. 

Any advice would be much appreciated,



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if you can load database in the pregame editor do that then try and verify the rules once again for 22.4 update. If it works without errors then you're good, just save the changes and you're good to go. if it doesn't work then you will have to wait for the person who made the database to update it

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