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Not played for a while having a mid season slump

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i play FM21 touch on iPad and I’ve not played for months.

took on Man Utd and the only cheeky thing I’ve done is used dream transfer to get Haaland.

I’ve won the league and the elf cup but my last 2 seasons I seem to be having a mid season slump.

these are my current tactics.

Where am I going wrong?



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Your opponent's have re-assessed your threat. You might want to take games a bit slower and see where your transitions are breaking down and how the opposition are creating chances against you. Are teams sitting off you more and hitting you on the break? Are they pinning you back and pressuring you into mistakes? Are they forcing into their areas where they have superior numbers? Just watch the games and make a note of when and where teams win the ball off of you and how. This will give you an idea of what to avoid. Watch how the opposition builds its attacks and think how your tactic could close up those gaps. There isn't a shortcut I've ever found.

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If it’s against city or Liverpool I tend to try and play them on the counter. I do notice I concede on counters but I also notice strikers missing chances.

I try the encourage shouts but can’t remember how to check form on the game and if touch gives me the option to add additional training. I think it’s set that assistant manager is in charge of training.

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