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Option to reduce or ease back office functions - difficulty levels?


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A moderator suggested that maybe I post this here:

I know that I can delegate a lot of functions, but the AI does a poor job at certain functions, like staff hiring, scouting, choosing and signing transfer targets.  In one sense, this is good, because it gives the player avenues to influence success in the game.  But sometimes, when my playtime is limited, my choice is to either do a crappy job at these things or progress very slowly.  I've even used the in-game editor to reduce the game-time on these things.

Difficulty levels?

For me, it's a mix.  In many ways, I find the game too easy, and pull off too many wins, draws and good performances - e.g. in 3 years, 2 promotions and winning the top league -- especially as a big underdog.  In other ways, to do this, I spend way too much time progressing through the game.

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