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Just one picture that tells you how stupid this game and the match engine is...

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I have been playing for hours and still figuring out, why for god's sake Wöber is ignoring my number 13... This guy has like 14+ in passing, vision, anticipation etc... Nobody can actually explain me this with wrong tactics or instructions. It is happening so many times... I am sick of conceding goals where my both CBs and CDM and GK play triangles instead of just playing that one forward pass to one of the two CMs... I have even removed play out of the back... I have switched from short to mixed passing, I have increased and reduced tempo... increased and reduced width... nothing, really nothing helps... if the match engine wants it, no tactic will have an effect. Do I really need to play with Real Madrid in order to see the most simple things of football on the pitch? I stopped counting, how many times I conceded, because my defenders refuse to play it to one of the completely freely positioned full backs or CMs and instead play it back to the keeper who then completely ignores the full backs and just pings it upfront... Why has this not changed since years? This behavior of SI reminds me totally of EA's policy... Ignore ME issues, because it takes much more effort to fix them and just release some useless new off-the-pitch inventions who nobody gives a damn about. Why? Because it is far cheaper and easier and people will buy it... Remembering back the times with FM10, 11, 12... God, how can a game make steps back with emerging technologies... Just having that tactic table back, where you could individually create your own player roles is worth it to switch back to FM10... I can't tell my CBs to play mixed balls without changing the whole TI... Thats just a mess...


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image.thumb.png.541cfdc347debfe00174ba7791416cd1.pngAnother screenshot of stupid decision making... Guess what my keeper did... yes, ignore the left back, even told to play it to the full backs and just bangs them upfront... But hey, he does not have 20 concentration, 20 decision making, 20 vision right... because only if he has maxed out stats he will see that left back...

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Lol, I think you might want to rephrase that title otherwise you will just get this thread shut down in no time. You might be onto something here, who knows. But this is not really a place to post a thread like this. Nor is this a place for venting. Post your evidence over at bugs forum. Just some friendly advice.

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Just to be clear @goku4 - this is a place for civil tactical/strategy discussions. I'm sure you're frustrated, but this isn't the place for a rant. It's unclear what you want from this. If you needed to vent, ok.

If you want to spark discussion or get advice, you need to provide information. A single screenshot tells us very little. Seeing the passage of play is much better, along with the attributes of the player in question, as well as your instructions/tactic. Without all the information available, it's impossible for any one of us to draw any conclusions or to give much advice.

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