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[Suggestion] Stadium editor

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I think we can all agree that the stadiums in all FM games have been... ugly and unrealistic, right?

There is a huge number of different assets for 3D stadiums and there is not a single stadium in the game made from scratch. They are all generated by the game engine with preset settings like location and weather.

Having a 3D stadium editor in the next FM editor program would be amazing and would also give the FM community the tools to create editor files and share them to people for download.

You could make presets like this:


  • Stadium background: Take the current backgrounds or make new ones (houses, roads, parking lots, training grounds etc.) and let us choose one option for the stadium
  • Miscellaneous: Different options to put or not put food-stands, floodlights, ambulances, bigscreens, corner-buildings etc.
  • Roofs: Take the current roofs and let us choose which kind we want. Corner roofs, closed roof, no roof, 1 or 4 roofs etc.
  • Seat colors: Speaks for itself
  • Stands: Choose where to have seats or standing  and choose to have upper stands or not. Choose if there should be corner stands or empty corners.


So yeah, basically a huge overhaul of 3D stadiums that lets the community build realistic stadiums and share them. I have wanted this since 2012 and i know there is some small studios who already did it for their game. No more stadiums with one huge 3 story stand and 3 tiny stands with no seats or a narrow stand for 100 people between 2 huge stands with 10k people. If this idea doesn't tickle your pickle, i would love to spend like 6-8 hours a day making stadiums for the next FM game! You can message me anytime Sports Interactive (;

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