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[FM22] The Year Is Twente-Twente-Two


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Posted (edited)

The year is 2022. The world is turmoil after 2021.

Tiger King raged on. Oprah drank tea with British people. 

We could no longer Keep Up With the Kardashians. 


What were we to do with life?


One man has the answer. One man only.

Frank Franklin.







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Frank Frankling has taken charge of the Dutch Eresdivise side, Twente FC. 

Mr. Franklin is a mighty man - just look at his 'stache - and he is ready to outwrestle the big guns. 

He likes to compare himself to a majestic stalion, so Twente was an obvious choice. 


Club Information





Not a club with the greatest of facilities, history or potential with no disrespect meant to Twente. 

It's a respectable club, but far behind the bigger monsters in the league naturally. 

It's more than a decade since they won the leage, the first league title in their history, and 2017/18 the feared happened.
Relegated to Keuken Kampioen Divisie - Franklin can't spell this comps name, so relegation again would be an utter catastrophe.

They got promoted the season after, however, and since then seems to be trying to stabilise their squad. The impact of this is still felt, and we'll see this once we get into the squad later on. 


fed41126ad1f2dbb5bf01ff66ebc35d7.png 3dd95c325502cac21ca912f0b269566d.png




All of this is painting a picture that we aren't exactly expected to take over the world from Day 1. But with Franklin in charge, you never know what sort of majestic beasty successes will be seen.



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The First Team



Well. I mean, we have some potential. We have a couple of strong starters. Ultimately the 5 blue loanees is a worry (and this is after cancelling another loanee already to reduce wage cost). Sadilek and Kik Pierie are both from league rivals, PSV and Ajax, and those sort of deals will need to be stopped. We can't be loaning young players from league rivals withtout realisitc options to purchase. Then we're just acting breeding grounds for rivals. That will need to stop. 

One player in the above overview has been purchased since Franklin took over, Mohammed Diomandé £2.8M from FC Nordsjælland, but othwerwise this is the squad we will play the first 6 months with. 


Most Important First Team Player


38ff4c6ef56fe214642c4e3823ca3a96.png 067500b4a940152aeb6afaf14bb8dbc4.png 7fafa8f7a63a4cfc64c96b148bcbe347.png

503635c9e392e1a0d72557ee091c9b5b.png 11e2e54068ed8062acc8c7dade261ebe.png 61f16a1b0896348f2e6d5dada9f490cf.png

effb8a31bdaccdc91be215ff48f3bd71.png a914259bfa3f8eb0870fe4c49e08966d.png 60798b6b42de5e4daa7af0406e122e38.png

4278fbbbd5d34d02ece20033cfa501f1.png a0bc6fa8852e9776c7f412849a4045bc.png 269a9e0c06b26b61b0d1000dd7cf6096.png 



Some interesting players here and there. And some are kinda just there until we can get them out of here.

Unnerstall is class. Hilgers is both class and Twente's own product. Zerrouki I like quite a lot. 

Diomandé was a player that we actually couldn't afford with our limited budget. But no problem, big Frank Franklin discussed it with the board and they were happy to oblige. 
I am excited for this. He is a class player, very versatile, and having watched him play for FC Nordsjælland irl. I felt he had to be my first purchase. He's just great.

Cerny is an FM legend, but not quite a good as he could have become. Vlap and Ugalde are loanees but really do bring some quality to an otherwise fairly limited offensive. 

Brama is favored personnel and has almost 300 league games for Twente being our own product. He's in physical decay though.

Dan Rots is our own product, and he has some fair potential.

He's wanted by Everton - we know how dodgy their talent scouting is though at times, so I don't know whether to take it as a promising sign or a warning.


Reserves Team






The Most Interesting Talents

181db41f91c866bb5631d6d497686350.png 06549231454ed7bcf6022067ad5e697c.png

e7fa977f989b7c1cc1770a6acea13e67.png a98bd807203c391c04c265b0e05bd2bb.png




Since arriving only two deals have happened, three if you include one terminated loan deal.

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First league game.



Very identical goals here. Soon we shall cover the initial tactical setup - in no great detail whatsoever, so don't get any hopes up. 

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1st October 2021



I still really miss the Tactics overview of the older FMs... but otherwise, I think this is a decent starting base to work from. It gives options to tinker with, and it importantly has roles/positions that fit our player types.

Strikerless to try and give more space for my IFs and CMa to run into, while still having a presence centrally in the AMa. Ideally in the future we will either incorporate a Regista or Libero instead, or potentially a Treq/Enganche in attack.

Essentially we just really want to be creative in our football and win games.

This might not be it, but it's a start. Our squad certainly isn't it either, so we can't expect too much anyways.






We start well, even beat Ajax. They got a red card after 36mins, so circumstances was with us, but we'll take it.

Since then we had some great moments, but now seem to be struggling, and especially defensively we are leaking goals.

Fun fact: Against Vitesse we conceded 3 of the goals shortly after Vitesse had a throw-in. The 4th was a direct free kick. Meanwhile we missed a penalty a 2-1. 

It's also impressive to lose 2-4 in a game like this.




Second in the league, though.


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18th Jan 2022

Things have happened and we are about half way through the season. 

First are our Fixtures


Just 1 loss in a fair amount of matches. That's a solid run. We've had some undeserved wins in there too, and some draws that could've swung either way, but ultimately it's been a solid performance. 

I've been especially happy to see Diomandé's performances rise, especially since being turned into a Mezzala instead.



Coming into Jan we had already prepared two signings I was hugely looking forward to.

The first being Xavi Simons who I picked up for just £400k at PSG. I feel that's a bit of a steal but he did demand a salary making him our second highest earner at just 18yo so it's still with some amount of risk. Still, combination of stats, and what I assume is a decent potential I couldn't leave him alone. 
He is pretty ideal for a Regista or Treq role I feel, and probably more the former given the second transfer we have made. Ultimately though, he's a treat to have come in. An interesting combination of style and grit. His technical abilities with his Aggression and Bravery, work rate and general really decent stats. 
I'm hyped. 



The last guy I actually saw this summer but thought would be unreachable for us. He wanted to move, but I figured it wouldn't be possible, and I had my eyes on Diomandé and could only get the board to buy one guy so that forced my hand.
Now, in December I checked up on him again, and he was still not sold. Having literally no drops of budget left (how I even could afford Simons was only because the budget was given extra from the board upon a request). 
Franklin is a begger when needed, so he went to the board a second time for another player. Again - only weeks after rejecting upgrading Junior Coaching despite developing youth players through our own academy being one of our only 2 visions - they agreed and a deal was soon in place.

That brings Facundo Farías to Twente for £3.8M from Colón. And what a player. 
Again, someone who will be hugely interesting to see. Where I see an immediate fit for Xavi, it's a bit more tricky with Facundo since we have a lot of options on the wings and in attack.
He's already had his debut with 5 Key passes and 2 CCCs so he's certainly arrived. He was played initially as a Wa as our tactic allowed us to isolate him out there and have 1-on-1s but he dropped a bit too deep and had less impact than I was expecting, so later he was moved to the AMa spot and he took it up a level.
Does this mean we change away from a physical TM type AM in Vlap? 

Facundo certainly has the abilities needed for such impact and the combination of his Technique, Dribbling and Long Shots makes him a terrific option in the middle of the pitch, even more so when you factor in his Off the Ball and Flair. He's just brilliant and really elevates our attack.




Here's the revamped version of the Tactic now:


Moved a bit around with players and roles here. Simons is the Regista as hinted above.
To try to secure balance I opted for a IWBs on the left with Zerrouki a terrific option. Centrally a BWMd has proven quite useful and gives us an option to play Brama too which is neat.
Diomandé is a rising star in that Mezzala role and really comes through to many chances, just needs to finish more consisten now.
Meanwhile the front 3 will see changes.

Ugalde is brilliant and young. He should be reasonably cheap (like £1M) after the season so we might try to get him to stay permanently. Vlap has been our carrying player this season, coming through for us when times are tough, but with the emergence of Farias we might move them around a bit. Perhaps Vlap as a Wide Target Man could be a very interesting option, with Farias moving into the middle as potentially a Trequartista? 

We'll see. But I like the breadth of options currently.
Meanwhile I'm looking towards the Summer window and hoping no-one else has had their eyes on Adamo Nagalo from FC Nordsjælland.
He'd cost a hefty fee, and I wouldn't even use him at his current position. I would retrain him to replace Brama at the BWMd role in central midfield. I think Nagalo is a near perfect option there. Given the aggressive nature of our formation and players I wouldn't be afraid of cashing big on a proper option on that holding midfielder position, so hopefully he's still available and the budget will be available. 


Poor FC Nordsjælland. I would buy Brøndby talents if they weren't rated too low compared to their real life level and a bit more expensive than I'd be willing to pay for them.


For now I don't have much to mention on the player's developments but I will soon go through some of the main players here. 
Likewise, we haven't had our Youth Intake yet, so saved for another time. 

League Position

We are in a fairly comfy position here. 
I never mentioned my expectations in the intros actually, but really we're just counting on ending in Top6, and we have a very reasonable gap down to Willem II on 7th, so I am very happy about this currently.

We have Ajax in the next, they recently sold Gravenberch, and lost 2 and drawn once in their last 3 league games so hopefully we can pounce on a wounded animal.


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21 hours ago, Deisler26 said:

The difference between France and the Netherlands is staggering....

I completely missed this one, but wow. Way to bring back oppressed trauma!


15 hours ago, ucdark said:

Loved Twente when a former U.Catolica (Chile) played there (Felipe Gutierrez)

What a performance by Frank Franklin you pull out from your sleeve here!


8 hours ago, ManUtd1 said:



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Ugalde pulls this one out in the match against Ajax. Spoiler: We won.


But more to follow some time later today. ;)

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40 minutes ago, Benjoe said:

Ugalde pulls this one out in the match against Ajax. Spoiler: We won.


But more to follow some time later today. ;)

All casual, too. What a strike!

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4 hours ago, john1 said:

Jesus, what a strike! :eek:

3 hours ago, ManUtd1 said:

All casual, too. What a strike!

Why go hard when you can go casual. He bagged a hat-trick in that game too...

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13th February 2022

Now seems a good time to quickly reflect on our season.

We started out like thunder! Bang!


Xavi Simons in his debut with beuatiful Regista work to our Mezzala, Diomandé, who bags the opening goal in a game he doubled.

After that we faced Ajax in the Dutch Cup Third Round, and boy did we take advantage of a struggling Ajax side. 


Ugalde bonanza! Vlap and Diomandé impressive too.

But then we slowly dropped in level.

We're struggling atm. defensively it seems our stability is gone with the inclusion of Simons and Farias. Neither have many defensive bones in them - Farias probably not a single. 
Simons has been consistently decent, but only that, and Farias has had one good game in 6 games. Not what we'd expected but at the same time it's difficult to come into the squad mid-season and with little prep for them.

We really need them to start kicking into gear soon though.
Currently I'm struggling to figure out whether it's tactically not a fit with Farias and Simons as both are with new roles compared to what worked for us in the past, but it might be that they just need a bit of time to gel.


Fixtures and League Table

We're in a Cup Semi Final and still in the league contest, but we need some better form now!




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On 29/03/2022 at 23:29, ucdark said:

Loved Twente when a former U.Catolica (Chile) played there (Felipe Gutierrez)

Just got back to this one as I thought the name sounded familiar so googled his previous FM versions.

What a player!

FM 2014 Player Profile - Felipe Gutierrez • Football Manager Story

I think potentially our newer signing Facundo Farias could become similar to Gutierrez. Are you Chilean yourself? I see U.Catolica also listed under your "Team" section.

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Posted (edited)


Penalty goal for them. Go Away Eagles.


(we're the team in blue. we're the ones trying to score)

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French national anthem intensifies



We win 1-3 anyways, and we're 4th so it's not all bad, but a little worrying tendencies.


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We have two bogey teams in the league this year. Vitesse and Willem II. 

No matter what happens, we just get trashed by them. 

Now this in the Dutch Cup semi-final. What an embarrassing result. 


Emmanuel ****ing Adebayor man.....




We also tried to sign Bazoer for our midfield. Would have been a welcome addition in the summer, and on a free most of all. But, Southampton got into the picture and then it was never possible.




We bounce back from the Cup exit well though. 


And we're at a stage in the season where things usually narrow down, and with 8 games left we are reasonably within a chance for the 3rd place but could drop below our current 5th if we completely crash. 

Anything higher than 3rd is too much of a strech though I feel. Even catching PSV on 3rd would take a mammoth effort.


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A quick look at a couple of young guns and their progression

Xavi Simons, 18, is developing very nicely and has been finding his feet lately. Really liking his play so far. He is finding our players with so many through balls and the assist number should have been so much higher.

If his play continues at this level he'll be a real steal for us in the last window. He already is tbh. seeing as he's already increased his value a lot from the £400k we spent.



Mohammed Diomandé, 20, I'm so happy I bought our board bought him this summer.
He's developing very nicely, and that octagon is a real treat.
His performances are as a whole fairly inconsistent - just like the scouting reports warned us - but when he hits a good period like the latest it's a pleasure. 

He has a £6.5M RC for Clubs in continental clubs though, so I'm a bit scared he'll be bought for what will at that point likely be below his market value.




Lastly we have Mees Hilgers, 20, our very own product. 
He's been absolutely huge for us this season, and I hope we can keep him for a long time, but the vultures are starting to circle with AS Saint-Etienne monitoring his situation.

He's a bit of a softy though. It's more than a month ago since we lost 1-3 to Vitesse and I shouted at them and he's still crying himself to sleep about it.



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hace 8 horas, Benjoe dijo:

Just got back to this one as I thought the name sounded familiar so googled his previous FM versions.

What a player!

FM 2014 Player Profile - Felipe Gutierrez • Football Manager Story

I think potentially our newer signing Facundo Farias could become similar to Gutierrez. Are you Chilean yourself? I see U.Catolica also listed under your "Team" section.

Yes I am, he's playing actually in U.Católica now, sometimes as captain but more like a DLP or even DM

I Hope Twente qualifies for EL at least, go on man! 

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9 hours ago, ucdark said:

Yes I am, he's playing actually in U.Católica now, sometimes as captain but more like a DLP or even DM

I Hope Twente qualifies for EL at least, go on man! 

Ah, that's awesome! Love it when players like him turn towards a more deep lying position later in their career. It's going to be strange seeing the Chilean national team in the future as well mate, with Alexis, Vidal, Isla, Aranguiz, Vargas, Medel all retiring soon. Do you believe there's a good new generation coming along?

Cheers man!

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Big time win against PSV at home brings us on a tied 4th place for Europe, and with a smaller gap to PSV than in a long time. Just 6 games left though. 

Pleguezuelo has barely had minutes this season. He's our 3rd option for central defence and they've been consistent and avaialable almost all season. He's not a fit for either of our WBs either. But with Brama out due to suspension, Zerrouki more needed at left WB we decided to bet on Plegue as the Ball Winning midfielder and boy did he do well. Dominated PSV completely and to top it off he had 2 brilliant assists. He'll get the chance for a couple more games. If he shows up like this for the rest of the season we might be in with a chance for something higher up the table. 



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3 April 2022

First Youth Intake at FC Twente



David hasselhoff GIF on GIFER - by Torn

First thing to my attention is the overall level being so high - I didn't expect that this early!

Second thing, we need to fix whatever is the cause for all those horrendous personalities. 



Now let's take a look at the tops prospects. 


Francis Nsiala, 16, AMC
What a guy! Holy ****. His mentals are weak, but at least they're high in 2 of the crucial attributes if he's to become a serious playmaker for us. The rest can hopefully reach an adequate level over time. But that speed and those technicals at this early age is incredible. 
Flair and Vision so high is really a treat too. Will be interesting to follow along how far we can take him. He'll be in the squad from next season straight away. 
His Low Determination though is a bit of a worry.



Frank de Jong, 15, AMR

Oof, another one that has very high speed from day 1. 
There are, again, some very obvious mental weaknesses for Frank too, and we'll see if that is something to worry much about over time.
With his first name he'll be a certain favourite for Franklin from the start as well.



Pier Junglas, 15, STC

Huh. We seem to have struck a pattern here.
Decent technicals, good speed, high in flair and otherwise fairly lacking mentally.
Interesting profile though, and being ambidextrous could be very interesting for him too whether he'll be a striker, winger or something else. 



Ronald Röser, 16, STC

Another striker? Well, okay then.
A very interesting mould here tbh. Essentially the developer kit for a Target Man/Forward in Support. 
Good size and decent mentals overall. First touch is very nice for that role too, with good ability to spread the play and take long shots when opportunity presents itself.
Not too shabby, Ronald.

- - - 


Elsewhere we compared ourselves with Ajax.

Never compare yourself with Ajax.



A neat little Model Citizen they have here. 


Compared to our own AMC it's a close shave overall, I suppose. But those mental attributes on Sander Maas with that personality will make it much more feasible for him to reach his potential rather than 

Physically Francis is superior though, and despite some deficiencies compared to Sander it will certainly also come down to what position they will be used in. Sander is more well rounded, whereas Francis is all about that bass all action.



Then we see Leandro and we shiver in our pants. ****. Sake.

Perfectionist, with skills that actually makes him a starting squad candidate for us from day 1 had we had him in our YI. He's so well rounded it hurts my brain.

There's not a single attribute that isn't really well aligned with the type of player he looks to become.
He's so well rounded he even has a Player Trait - Likes To Round Keeper - aligned with it!!!!


Coimparing Leandor with Frank is perhaps not perfect in terms of the roles (but I felt neither Ronald or Pier were good matches either) but when comparing it's just glaring obvious the type of talent they have on their hands. 
Monster in the making.


And this guy is just here because I really like his name, and to be fair to him, he's a proper talent too.



- - - 



Overall though, something here to be very, very excited about. The future of our attack especially looks good if we can give these guys chances, fix their personalities, and keep them contracted to Twente.


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14 hours ago, Benjoe said:

Xavi Simons, 18, is developing very nicely and has been finding his feet lately. Really liking his play so far. He is finding our players with so many through balls and the assist number should have been so much higher.

If his play continues at this level he'll be a real steal for us in the last window. He already is tbh. seeing as he's already increased his value a lot from the £400k we spent.


Xavi was a good purchase.



david hasselhoff gif | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

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Posted (edited)
2 minutes ago, Deisler26 said:

Swap Nsiala and de Jong around and we have a deal

Interesting. I'm very close on them on who's my fave to start with. I like your decisiveness. OH, just saw Frank is an entire year younger. I misread the dates before and thought they were a month apart. Frank is the one yeah. 


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Closing the season out

We've been very inconsistent lately. We beat PSV, but then fall to relegation contender Nijmegen.
We beat Sparta convincingly, but lose to Heracles.

I decided to change the tactic a bit at that point.

(Not actually sure why it always says 4atb when we had our wbs pushed forward most of the season and only changed for the last two games)



This is the setup that has awarded us with the wins against Fortuna and Groningen where especially Diomandé has been shining. 
He's been unstoppable with 4g, 1a over the 2 games. 

So where does this all leave us in the league?


Same amount of points as ****ing Vitesse. I hate that ****ing Chelsea feeder club.

Guess who our last opponent is?





Only saving grace is, that while we have to visi De Kuip, Vitesse has Ajax visiting them.

A mighty fine duel to come here.

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Posted (edited)



Why are all our players dying. This is from game day......




Live Updating from the match from this point in this same comment:

3rd minute: Feynoord with a header. Saved.

5th Minute: I just realized there's apparently a playoff for a European spot between position 5 to...I wanna say 8th? 

6th Minute: Diomandé with a good run but shoots it into the sidenet.


34th Minute: Feyenoord are taking over, but Farias gets a chance alone with the keeper and bottles the finish.


Half Time



65th Minute: We're running out of fuel. We're trying to push forward, but if we don't get a goal very soon we'll break completely. And we're not looking close to score.





Full Time:


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Did Willem II seriously just get our EC spot because of their cup win??

They're only relevant this season because of a 37yo ADEBA_****SAKE_YOR!??!?!?!?





I'm tired boss..

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This is what it said before the match, but I didn't see the little annoying information icon.



Now, we're meeting Herenveen first, then if we win, 100% we'll meet Vitesse and get sent out of the playoffs and they'll take our spot. ****ers. 


I'm taking a break.

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42 minutes ago, Benjoe said:

Did Willem II seriously just get our EC spot because of their cup win??

They're only relevant this season because of a 37yo ADEBA_****SAKE_YOR!??!?!?!?





I'm tired boss..

Stealth Tottenham...



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Posted (edited)


Screenshots are somewhat limited as I played these games over the weekend but haven't had a chance to post since.


Regardless, we were ****ed on fitness levels again.

We couldn't repeat what we did against Feyenoord. Playing our strongest 11 in both games is wasn't going to be possible with just 3 days between the matches and already we were rolling in the mud. 

So, that meant playing our entire B-String. Our squad... it's not that deep. 


So, that meant debut to 3 recent intake regens (Röser, Junglas, De Jong), with another 2 on the bench (Nsiala, Cakir).

Not necessarily ideal.


We get our asses handed to us in the first. Not surprising. But somehow we limited them to just a 1 goal win.


That's.. that's not very pretty. (we're the red line in case you were wondering.)
Pretty ridiculous that we only conceded once, and also, that we didn't come out with a goal at the end as those chance were actually fairly big. 


Yay! I guess..


In the return match at home we now played a fully fit first team, while Heerenveen played basically the same 11 - who were not nearly as tired as our guys would usually be after 3 days rest. Oh well.


We hand it to them though!

Farias and Vlap are our goalscorers and we were on to the next round!


It was literally no big surprise who we going to meet though.


Of course. The team we always lost to.

We had the same problems with fitness as in the previous round, so the same lineup as against Heerenveen in the first match. We still got clubbed, but we also got a young goalscorer!


2-1 against our nemeses is not half bad, and combined with a Frank de Jong goal I really don't mind it.




In the return we once again could start a fit and ready squad. Vitesse had a bit of fatigue but nothing much.

We were too strong though and edged our first win against Vitesse in 4 attempts this season!


(This formation was to close out the last 15 minutes vs. Vitesse but wasn't otherwise the formation used.)


This means we are in the star packed Conference League next season - wooop!

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Posted (edited)


Season 2021/22 Recap

We did reasonably well this season.

Expected to finish 7th, we ended up at 4th with some periods of great play. 

Tactically we are starting to have something solid to work from and I think we can keep semi-consistent with it, and build the squad from there.

Transfers wise we didn't actually make many signings, but we made some substantial ones. Diomandé and Simons were great successes already, Farias time will tell. 


Top Performers

Xavi Simons, 19, only just arrived in January, but he made an instant difference. Some goals and assists in there, but mainly just the calm nature he has was a huge asset to us. Having him dictate the game proved reasonably useful and over time and more development that will only get better.


Lars Unnerstall, 31, is one ouf our oldest players, and he showed that that experience is hugely valuable in a young squad. 
He held his own more than once where we otherwise deserved to get routed - especially in the important playoff games.



Michel Vlap, 24, was terrific for us in most periods. His physique helped us immensely in both winning and holding possesion high up the pitch, but his fairly complete set of skills for a striker helped us massively as well as he was both able to craft out chances for others as well as himself.
There is very little chance we will sign him this offseason though. He's simply too expensive and his age and potential left would simply not justify that outlay. 
We will cherish the memories.



Mohammed Diomandé, 20 Oh boy, am I glad I got the board to cash in on you.
He's developing so nicely, and I only really see one main area now that needs improving - his Finishing. He's such a complete Mezzala otherwise and ever since I got him train to Get Into Opposition Area he gets to a lot of scoring chances. 
The issue is just - and I'm saying that despite him scoring 14 as ocassionally (early in the season mainly) a DM-Roaming Playmaker, ocassionally elsewhere until mainly Mezzala - that he simply misses too many chances.
Get Finishing up, and perhaps teach him to Lob it over the keeper? Not sure, might be better to drive past the keeper, but I just feel like he gets to some wide angles often where he can't dribble past the keeper, and only option is to shoot straight at the keeper. 
Shooting straight at the keeper is not optimal at that angel (well, it never really is I suppose), but lobs have been fairly succesful for other players.



And that brings us to the last guy. Mees Hilgers, 21
What. A. Man.

He's developing nicely, and at the start of the season I actually wasn't convinced he was ready to start. But oh boy did he prove me wrong big time. 
There simply has to be suitors for him this offseason so we'll see if we get to keep him or not, but otherwise I'm happy to keep this Twente talent in the ranks.




The squad as a whole. Our avg. age is fairly low, and will likely get lower this offseason as I cannot imagine signing old players while I'll try to get some of our more age heavy players out. 



Eh. Ajax took it. We don't care.
Sorry to see RKC go down.



Here is the tactic as we ended it. We will definitely fine tune this next season but I think the shape is there. 
Now we need the instructions and roles adjusted and we'll see.










Baby it's only natural.



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