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Questions about the U20 World Cup and the AFC U-19 Championship


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In FM, the national U19 team that won the AFC U-19 Championship will participate in the U20 World Cup next year as an U20. How should I achieve this?

I can't find where to edit.


And after the editor enters the Advanced rules, the host country will no longer have the right to automatically advance to the finals, resulting in the AFC U-19 Championship always getting only 15 teams. Is there any solution?



(“亚洲19岁以下锦标赛”→AFC U-19 Championship)

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You can program the host nation in there with advanced rules, there are threads explaining how (don't have time to find it now but can check later).

For getting the U20 teams, when you're selecting teams in advanced rules for the U20 World Cup, you can get them from the Asian U19 tournament with whatever method you're using ("qualified teams from stage" etc) and set "team type" to U20.

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