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December 2027


December was a packed month for El Gouna but a month in which Fogg was pretty pleased with the results! In game on, the side took on Pharco (Youssef 1, 27, 31, Kyambadde 23). Wingers proved to be the heroes of the hour here with Balaha turning provider and Youssef finishing them off. One was a particularly splendid curling effort into the far corner. The good form carried on against Ismailiy (Hassan 20, Balaha 66, Kyambadde 78). All the finishes were high-class strikes with Kyambadde, in particular, smashing home a powerful low effort from the edge of the box. Bad news was to come in the build-up to the next game...


On his day, Balaha has the ability to take any team apart at this level and the team would miss him against Al-Ahly (Kyambadde 17). Fogg was frustrated with the way his side faded away here. His side spent the first half matching the heavyweights but couldn't keep it up and they came away licking their wounds.


Fogg was pleased to see this record come up on his watch - especially with a player so vital to his side. El Gouna next faced Future and a truly under-whelming game was produced. Neither team produced much and the fans of both sides felt pretty short-changed with what they saw I imagine. The last game of the month took place in the cup where the oppostion were Military Production (Youssef 90+4). For much of the game, it looked like El Gouna would have an embarrassing crashout but Youssef saved the day in the last minute with a shot their keeper palmed into the net. Penalties then produced a relieving win!


Fogg is still on oxygen tanks with his team being where they are. They are only three points short of their total from last season already. It feels like dreamland compared to where the club where a year ago...


Two teams in and around the relegation-places provide the only games for next month. Fogg though is waiting for the just-started Indian League to produce some casualties though as it's now time to move on...


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Thanks for the message @andychar! I'm still enjoying the save so far and hoping to complete my journey around the globe!

January 2028


There were only two games in the month and they were both the pretty straightforward affairs. In game one, the team took on El Qanah (Youssef 7, Kyambadde 13) and strolled to a 2-0 win. The same was also true in the game against National Bank (Kyambadde 59, Al-Qahtani 82). It was particulary pleasing to see club youngster Al-Qahtani fire a fine effort home. Much of the news that followed was less exciting though...





The only good news with the injuries was that this was the winter break so there was a fair gap between now and the next game. Fogg had also tried to apply for a job or two in India. However, the clubs there didn't have the finances or resources to get Fogg out of El Gouna so he's getting to used to the idea that he might have to walk when the next interesting job comes up.


This was much better-looking news but Fogg is now pretty sure that he won't be there to see it...


The table sees El Gouna still in a pretty amazing position - even if he has to leave, he's happy the club will be in a good place for this season.


Here are the games for the next month - with that one against Zamalek looking pretty big. The only issue how long will Fogg be there...


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February 2028


Fogg put on a brave face despite the injuries that the side had accumulated over the break. It's fair to say though that it all caught up with them in these games. First up was a cup game against a lower-league side. Drama was constant in the game against Smouha (Lasheen pen 9, Al-Aryani). After taking a two-goal lead, it all seemed to be going well but Smouha had other ideas - as El Gouna ran out of steam, they ran into the game and ultimately took the place in the next round. The game against Al-Masry (Kyambadde 85) was simply mind-boggling. They managed to score four goals in ten first-half minutes as El Gouna failed to offer any resistance. Fogg tore into them at HT and, by the end of the game, El Gouna topped every stat except the goals scored. This however would prove to be his last game at the club...


The club remain comfortably in the top half. However, with another job in India come available, El Gouna have made it clear that they won't agree to any exit fee for Fogg. This left him with only one choice...


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Churchill Brothers


So the gamble pays off - Fogg gets his move and is now a manager in India! Just like the previous couple of jobs, Churchill Brothers are propping up the table and seem to have even worse finances than those of El Gouna. Fogg certainly has his work cut out here.


The assistant column remains suspiciously empty here as there is no assistant in place and Fogg isn't sure that there are the finances to employ one. It's very close to the wall here.


The club's had an interesting spell with everything from title wins to near relegation in there. What Fogg do this time I wonder!


Finances and battling against relegation fill the inbox here. What can be done Fogg wonders to bring some light to the team?


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Starting XI and Fixtures


So here is the team that Fogg has put together. It's fair to say that he's not entirely convinced about the side he's got but it is what it is and with few games and big gap to fill to safety, he needs them to deliver!

Samik Mitra: This is Fogg's first curveball, handing a debut to Mitra. The 27yo Indian joined the club this season but is yet to play for them. He played well for Sreenidi last season but has not featured here.

Sumeet Singh Sandhu: Sandhu is also in his first season at Churchill Brothers. It's fair to say his form has been pretty poor so far and Fogg needs this to pick up and fast!

Peter Bhutia: A 19yo Indian who has played regularly for the side over the last few years. Fogg sees him more in midfield but suspension means he's in the backline today.

Shadi Skaf: One of the stars of the backline, Fogg needs the 34yo Lebanese's experience to help lead the side out of the crisis it finds itself in.

Seedy Jarju: The captain and star of the backline. Jarju has been a regular in the side since 2023. Can he help Fogg to lead this team to a miraculous survival?

Santosh Ansari: Ansari is just 16yo but he's been trusted to be in the starting line up this season. Trust or desperation? Fogg waits to see!

Armando Naik: Naik knows that he's on his way at the end of the season but with one goal and two assists so far, can he deliver any more to keep the club up?

Bibiano Sequeira: The 21yo looks promising and has scored two goals so far this season. What else can he deliver in the few games Fogg has in charge?

Asif Khan: Khan is another 16yo who has had regular duties this season. So far, he has one goal and four assists. What more is there in the bank before the end of the season?

Bruno Ansari: The 19yo winger is another of the team's stars. So far this season, he's managed one goal and one assist so far. Fogg will want more before it's over.

Adil Yadav: The 5'9'' 19yo gets the starting line-up call up front. There's very little real goal-scoring potential around the team it seems - something that worries Fogg.


And this is the season it worries Fogg. The side look very likely to go down as the only club who are easily catchable can't be relegated. At least, it's a start in India for Fogg and gets the year rolling...


Only four games remain between Fogg and the end of the season. Every one is must win really and the first is only a match against a fierce rival too. What can Fogg do against all the odds here?

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February 2028


There was only one game this month when Churchill Brothers took on Sporting Clube de Goa (Sequeira 25). The game left Fogg wishing he'd taken the side on sooner. They dominated the game and produced all the chances - several really golden opportunities were missed. The goal came when Naik slid a smooth through-ball on to charging Sequeira who slotted it low under the keeper. Unfortunately, the team switched off right towards to the end to let a in a goal from a set piece. There's hope but Fogg could really have done with the win here.


Fogg is sure that that exemption for Indian Arrows is there to haunt him. His side are now four points behind Lonestar and still have a game in hand. The great escape is still on but it's still a huge ask...


... especially when the team in second place are up next! Indian Arrows is a winnable game but just how much will it mean?

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March 2028


Fogg knew it would take a miracle to keep Churchill Brothers up and it's fair to say that that miracle wasn't delivered. In the game against RoundGlass Punjab, Fogg's men competed well for three-quarters of the match but faded away fell to a frustrating defeat. The same was true against Indian Arrows (Ansari 4) where Ansari flicked home early and, despite having the better of the game, slipped to defeat - and with that, Churchill Brothers slipped out the leage.


Fogg knew what he was up against and his short spell at Churchill Brothers is already over! What will the rest of his time in India be spent doing?

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Fogg's adventure in India continues - Sreenidi give him the thumbs up and he's soon back at work. The club, again, is short of money so it's going to be another job where responsibility is of the essence for Fogg. The club is pretty new - having only joined the league in the 2020s and so there's fresh history here to be made!


Once again, there is no assistant manager and quite possibly no money to afford one!


There's been a couple of league wins in the last few years but this year's finish will come in sixth so not everything is as wonderful and high-flying as this chart might suggest.


Fogg will have a very financial role here to make sure that the club keeps afloat. Top half is the aim so it's a lot more restrained than the title challenging that they've been used to!

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The transfer window was a very quiet affair for Fogg as the club had nothing to spend and no wages available. He did do some work though to reduce the wage bill. The club had more foreign players than it could register so Tomas Marquez and Marco Jamie both leave. Fans and the board aren't happy but what's the point in paying for them if they can't play?


Even with those departures, it seems that Sreenidi have the strongest side in India and are odds-on to win the league. Fogg might be tempted to extend his stay a little if there's the chance of serious silverware.


After what seems an enormous wait, the season begins with the Durand Cup group stage. TRAU are a second-teir so Fogg will be keen to beat them before seeing what his team has to offer against the two other top-half sides. Now let's have a look at the opening XI...


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Starting XI


So here is the team that Fogg has selected for game one...

Jose Naal: The 26yo Mexican has spent the last two seasons out on loan, presumably due to registration rules. He's played well wherever he's been and Fogg has selected him to take one of the precious foreign player slots.

Ravi Chinappa Bappu: Bappu is a 17yo and broke into the team last season. He's marked out as being one of the squad's star players though so Fogg has high hopes.

Aaron Drewe: Drewe began his career with QPR's youth system and racked up a few appearances for some of the lower level clubs in England. He's been in India for five seasons and been a regular ever since.

Hash Piperdy: This 21yo has just joined the club from Real Kashmir and Fogg looks forward to him nailing down his place.

Thoiba Antony: Antony is a 19yo with reports of a bright future ahead of him and Fogg certainly hopes that he can show this and soon.

Alan Flores: Many of the foreign players in the squad came from Mexico and Flores fits into this camp. He, again, has been out on loan but shone in his last spell with his parent club a few seasons ago. Can he do it again?

Krishnendu Muralidharan: The 20yo played 13 games without a goal or assist last season and Fogg hopes he shines more in a defensive midfield role.

Abdul Rose: Another youth product, 20yo Rose only made six starts last season. Can he make this slot his own under Fogg's watching eye?

Anirudh Thapa: 30yo Thapa has over 100 caps for his country and has been at Sreenidi since 2022. Fogg needs this club stalwart to lead the creative line this season.

Udanta Singh: 32yo Singh managed 2 goals and 1 assist in his 23 games last time around. Fogg will be looking for much more out of him this season.

David Castenada: The 33yo Colombian has spent almost every since out on loan since he's arrived. Here's a chance for him to play for his parent club and shine.

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September 2028


All the games that Fogg faced in this month were in the Durand Cup and it's fair to say that he was pretty hopeful. What he got however, was something of a shock. The first game was against TRAU (Castaneda 26). Fogg was hopeful when his side took the lead when Castaneda made the most of shocking defensive error. His side then went on to give two goals away though with one being a penalty. Casteneda again came up with the goods with a powerful header against Lonestar Kashmir FC (Castaneda 34). Sreenidi went on to dominate the game but left in a soft corner at the end to leave things level. Fogg knew he needed a win against Roundglass Punjab but he didn't get it despite his side dominating the game. Their goal pinched at the death led to Sreenidi's exit from the comp.


It's a table that doesn't make pretty reading for Fogg and he hopes that the League is a lot more generous to him!


There aren't any games until December now but that's when the busy madness of the Hero I-League begins. Take a deep breath because it will soon be all action!

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December 2028


In order to get the team ready, Fogg set up two pre-season games. The first was a worrying affair with the team managing to concede six goals by the time that the game was out. The second, albeit against much weaker opposition, at least generated a win. The first competitive game was against Roundglass Punjab (Castaneda 11, Singh 45). Castaneda proved his huge value to the team by playing both scorer and provider, a theme that was set to continue. In game two, Rajasthan (Thapa pen 15, Castaneda 36), were the opponents but Castaneda had the answer and was abetted by Indian superstar Thapa who dispatched his spotkick well. Another 2-0 win followed against Gokulam Kerala (Thapa pen 34, Vijayan 86) and it was good to see Vijayan's rocket find the back of the net after a ball over the top sent him through. There was a brief scare in the game against Sporting Club de Goa (Meloly 19,90, Bappu 90+3) but LW Meloly saved the day and the moment was crowned with RB Bappu's super low strike. Things caught up with Fogg in the game against NEROCA (Meloly 41, Castaneda 77). Fogg's side turned things around from a losing position but didn't have an answer to their late goal. Finally, the wrath was taken out on Dempo SC (Singh 19, Muralidharan 59, Flores 67). Castaneda played a vital role in linking things together and, even at 33, is showing that he can be this side's Harry Kane.


It's a dream position for Fogg to be in and he believes that, if his side can keep their charge going, it would be worth sticking round a bit longer than a year to get the medal...


January is just as packed as December was and the club will need its players to keep their full fitness in order to maintain a full throttle title charge. Can it be done and can the side keep Fogg dreaming of his first league title...

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January 2029


Fogg was beginning to feel that it might be worth hanging around here past his year if there was the chance of silverware and nothing that happened in January will have changed that outlook. The month began with a game against Sudeva Delhi (Singh 11, Castaneda 39, 88, Thapa 55). The team's reliable stars shone as you would expect and, even when the team played the last half hour with ten men, they never lost control. The goals didn't flow quite so freely against Lonestar Kashmir FC (Castaneda 29) but Castaneda's single strike was enough to earn Fogg's crew all three points. There were more goals in the game against Aizawl FC (Singh 20, 44, Castandeda 30) with Singh and Castaneda again doing the damge. The game was all wrapped up by HT. Against Indian Arrows (Drewe pen 20, Meloly 32, Castaneda 49, Rose 86), Castaneda showed his love of a free-kick, curling in beautifully into the top corner. Goals continued against Chennai City (Meloly 14, Castaneda 38, Rose 78, Thapa pen 82) and against Mohammedan (Castaneda 49), Castaneda's deft flicked header earnt his side all three points. RoundGlass Punjab (Singh 58) were up next and Singh hit an absolute beauty into the far top corner which was worth all of three points just by itself. The team dominated against Rajasthan (Meloly 8) and after Meloly finished a neat curving run it all looked good. A set-piece equaliser brought Rajasthan level and, much to Fogg's despair, the team couldn't repair the damage in the second half.


Ten points clear at the top with ten games to go. It's a pretty pleasing position for Fogg to be in and he's certainly planning to see this season out and see if a title can come with it. He wants the silverware and wants the damage done by relegation last season repaired. That 0 in the defeats column looks pretty good too!


4th, 2nd, 6th, 7th and 11th come up in the next month. It doesn't look easy but, if Sreenidi can keep up their present form, could they have one hand on the trophy by the end of this run of games?

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February 2029


Given what the team produced in Durand Cup, Fogg has been in dreamland since his club took on the leauge. February was a month to go with the others in keeping Fogg going merry! Two heavyweights came up at the start of the month. Fogg took on Gokulam Kerala (K Muralidharan 54, Castaneda 81) and two goals gave them a key win. There was much more worrying news to come though...


... early on in the game vital first-team player Singh picked up a knock that could well rule him out for the rest of the season. This didn't seem to stop Sreenidi though as they took on Sporting Club de Goa (Vijayan 63) as Flores sent a cross to the far post from the right-hand side and Vijayan, playing as LW, cut in and headed it home.


Thankfully, this injury was not to a first-teamer but bench-keeper Kumar looks to be out for a long, long time. NEROCA proved to be a harder team to beat as, despite dominating the stats, Sreenidi simply couldn't find their way through. There were to be no such concerns against Dempo SC (Rose 33, Meloly 38, 48, Vijayan 78). This was a game where the wingers shone - turning provider for each other and helping the side stroll to victory. The final game of the month was against Sudeva Delhi (Meloly 17) and there were cheers when RB Bappu crossed to the far post for Meloly this time to head home. There were even more cheers when Fogg discovered that RoundGlass Punjab had only drawn their game...


... as, by Fogg's Maths, he's now only one point away from the league title and five games away from an unbeaten league season - dreamland stuff indeed!


March only has three games against 11th, 8th and 7th so Fogg is pretty confident that the points are there to secure a league title. Can they do it?!

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Posted (edited)

March 2029


Even before they start playing this month, Fogg was pleased to get some hugely good news! RoundGlass Punjab failed to win their next game making Sreenidi champions of India without even kicking a ball. The challenge is now to remain the rest of the season unbeaten.


Kicking off with the good news, Fogg, now a title-winner, ploughed into the task of remaining the season unbeaten. In the game against Lonestar Kashmir FC, Sreenidi were comfortably the better side but couldn't put the ball in the back of the net to make it pay. This wasn't a problem against Aizwal FC (Thapa pen 6, Antony 19) as Thapa put away a superb penalty before Antony fired a long range effort into the far top corner.


Getting records is never a bad thing and Fogg was pretty proud of this news. The final game of the month saw the side take on Chennai City (Castaneda 2, Flores 69) and both goals were beauties: Castaneda clipped home a neat close-range volley before Flores hit a long range screamer between the keeper's arms. PostChen.JPG.3665ec5da71115f705d26d121cf0981d.JPG

It's another record for Fogg and Sreenidi and it's fair to say that the club are on the cusp of something truly amazing in the last few games of the season.


Fogg certainly likes the look of the table with that C next to the club's name. One more point will make a record for Indian football too...


There's only two games to go and the opponents are 13th and 9th. Surely, Sreenidi can get past them and have the season unbeaten?


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April 2029


An all-green month meant that Fogg achieved his dream! Sreenidi went unbeaten for an entire league season on their way to becoming champions. The procession began with a game against Indian Arrows (Flores 18, Castaneda 39, 51, 65, Singh 54, 68). The game was as much a formality as the scoreline suggests. The Arrows were never in it and only got a couple of consolation goals at the end. There were fewer goals against Mohammedan (Castaneda 72, 90) and they were far later than Fogg would have liked but it did ensure that unbeaten season. Following on from the league, the Federation Cup kicked into gear. Sreenidi entered at the QF stage and, in leg one, beat Lonestar Kashmir FC (Singh 8, 42, Castaneda 15, Flores 73, Rose 84). The result was good enough to make Fogg think that he can make some rotations in the second leg.


An unbeaten season is confirmed as the last two games are played out. A hatful of records follow too...







This was pretty exciting news too. Fogg doesn't expect to be around to see them all progress but it's a nice present to leave...



There's only one game scheduled for next month at the moment but Fogg is pretty sure that there will be more...


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May 2029


After having won the first leg so well, Fogg made the choice to rotate the side against Lonestar Kashmir FC (Vijayan 39, Drewe pen 89). It's fair to say that the team ran the game close and only a last-minute penalty from Drewe saved the side from defeat. The team went on to play RoundGlass Punjab (Castaneda 21, Singh 29, Meloly 58, Vijayan 86) and once again took complete control in the first leg, cruising to a 4-1 win. In the second leg however, things were much more tense. It was a heavily-rotated side that took on RoundGlass Punjab (Karuthadathkuni 39, 63, Cleetus 89). Goals flew around in this game and RoundGlass managed to pull things level but, with the game dying out, Cleetus smashed home a long-range strike to send his side on into the final. In the final the side took on Dempo SC ( Thapa 19, pen 24, Meloly 44) and it was a non-contest. Thappa smashed a low shot home at the near post and then followed this up with a penalty. Then, Castaneda brought down a goal-kick, crossed it across and Meloly volleyed it home. Game over and trophy won.


Invicible title winners doubled up with a cup win. It doesn't get much better than that!

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Season Review


The season XI almost matches, name-by-name, the squad that Fogg was picking when everyone was fully fit. The only name missing is Hash Piperdy who really did nothing wrong in order to miss out.


It's pretty clear who's won the awards here - Castaneda has a clean sweep and Fogg finds that pretty hard to argue with.


Normally, there would be a review of the club's vision here. However, news from Singapore causes there to be a different focus...

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Geylang Int.


So Fogg moves on from India to Singapore. His travel around the world has led him a long, long way from home and to a part of the city that seems pretty stunning to the eye.


For the first time since leaving India, Fogg has an assistant manager. Will he be able to take Azlan with him on any stage of the journey?



Things look to be heading down for the club generally, emphasised by the fact that the club has not won anything for twenty years and their aim is to not finish bottom.


Don't finish bottom - that's the aim. With a club in the top three wage wise, it shouldn't be too hard. Should it?

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Singapore! \o/ exciting to see for a Singaporean like me! Geylang has some of the most passionate fans in Singapore! However, it won't be easy as there are bigger clubs in Singapore. Good luck mate and I will certainly be following this!

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Thanks for following along @DavidBeckham. Let's hope it's a positive ride in Singapore!

Starting XI


Nur Safiq Zaini: The 30yo Singaporean is in his first season at the club. So far, he's let in 17 in 13 games. Fogg needs that to improve and fast.

Aniq Raushan: The 25yo RB has been with the club since 2023. He's scored three goals this season and has plenty of positive stats. Fogg hopes that this is set to continue.

Ting Chek Siang: is a 21yo player who's been coming through the youth system. He's made a handful of appearances and Fogg needs him to bed in secure a place, quickly.

Toshiaki Osawa: is a 21yo Japanese player in his second season at Geylang. His showing so far has been pretty underwhelming so Fogg hopes that he finds the potential for improvement.

Jacob Mikkelsen: 17 years old and of joint Singaporean/Danish heritage, Mikkelsen has been playing well so far this season. Something for the rest of the backline to live up to.

Elijah Lim: Lim is one of the team's stalwarts - having been at the club since 2021. He's performed well so far this season and Fogg hopes he continues to lead by example.

Ho Hung Meng: The 20yo Singaporean has performed well so far this season with a goal and assist to his name. Fogg hopes the homegrown player continues to deliver.

Azlan Muhamad: The winger has been a regular in the side since 2024. He has no goals or assists so far this season though - not the most promising of signs...

Jamal Haron: Young Haron got three goals and three assists last season. He's barely featured this time around though so Fogg hopes his introduction can lift the team.

Nicky Singh: a 27yo and a regular in the side since his transfer in in 2024, Fogg hopes this is a player at the peak of his powers.

Tan Soong Keen: The 18yo got one goal last season and has four goals so far this. Is he a star waiting to shine?



Fogg comes in with Geyland at the bottom of the table. Everything is very close though. It would only take a win or two to see the team fly up the league.


There's only one game left in the month and it's against the team just above them in the league. Surely it's the best possible chance to start with a win?


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June 2029


There was only one game in the month left for Fogg to take charge of but it certainly wasn't short of drama. Against Balestier (Muhamad 4, 90+1), things got off to a bad start when, in three minutes, the team opened up and let them score. It was brought back level when a super through-ball sent Muhamad one-on-one. He then added real sparkle by curling a beauty into the top corner. They then scored from a set-piece before, in the dying minutes, Muhamad showed he wasn't done yet by planting a beauty of a free-kick into the same top corner he'd scored in before!


Geylang are still bottom but, following the draw, everyone is much closer together so there is potential to get on and up that table.


With money being limited, this was a nice sight for Fogg to see. It would be good if it provided him some quick first-team players though otherwise he might not be around to see the potential develop.


Tanjong Pagar are 5th while Hougang Utd are 3rd so the two games next month will give Fogg a very good sense of what exactly his team can do...

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July 2029


Another month with two games and two different results. In game one, Fogg's new charges took on Tanjong Pagar (Tan Soong Keen 11, Singh 66). Tan Soong Keen started the scoring by knocking in a low free-kick and then Singh doubled up when Muhamad threaded a low cross through the eye of a needle to him. They pushed on later and pulled a goal back but Geylang held on to get all three points. The same couldn't be said in the game against Hougang Utd (Tan Soong Keen 83). Geylang dominated the game but let Hougang get two via an unmarked header and a poorly-defended corner. Tan Soong Keen scrambled a pinball header home late on but the team couldn't push on and get something from the game.


Everything is still tight in the league but Geylang Int. are happy not to be bottom of the table. Only a point separates them from that place though...


Two games come up again in the next month and two games of extremes. Albirex (S) prop up the table so Fogg would be very keen to get points there while LC Sailors are second so they pose much more of a challenge.

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August 2029


Two games in August and not-so-good results for the club it has to be said. Starting against Albirex (S) (Yaacob 37), Geylang fell behind early on when a ball over the top was clipped home. Geylang went on to fight and fight though and Mikkelsen crossed well for Yaacob to bring the club level with the bottom side. Game two was against top side LC Sailors (Amir 79). For the first time, Geylang were totally outplayed and fell three goals behind. Amir headed home a consolation but it did not do much for the club.


And so the club return to the foot of the table. Fogg doesn't know how seriously the board will take things if the club remain there at the end of the season. Everything is still tight though as good results could see the club leap up to fifth.


Three games to complete the season come up in the next month. Tampines are top, Young Lions are fourth and Balestier are 7th so the month doesn't look easy. And, as if one game against Tampines weren't enough, they have a second to start off the Singapore Cup group stage.

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September 2029


The month started off badly for Fogg and co but he was pretty pleased with the overall result. The game against Tampines (Tan Soong Keen 36) was one that went against Geylang. They scored and then Tan Soong Keen made the most of a good goal kick to score. Finally, they scored again just after and Geylang simply couldn't reply again.



Once again, no game goes unpunished and injuries continue to mount up against Fogg. The second game saw Geylang take on Young Lions (Muhamad 21). Muhamad headed home a superb in-swinging cross but this was levelled against when Young Lions hit a huge looping cross forward and got the goal.


Another game, another injury! Thankfully, apart from Muhamad, most first-team players were back for the cup game against Tampines and the team looked them in the eye. It was a really promising sign for Fogg but sadly it wasn't in the league which is where he needed results. A result came in the last game though - a 4-0 win over Balestier (Tan Soong Keen pen 24, 74, 78, Rada Krishnan 35). Tan Soong Keen got a hat-trick and capped the game off with a super long-range strike crashing home off the bar. Where would the month's games leave the club though?


Well the result is enough to lift Geylang Int. up off the bottom of the table and Fogg's place in his job is secure. In the cup, a draw against Tampines was a decent result and leaves them with a fighting chance of getting through to the next round.


Now that the league has finished, the Singapore Cup takes centre stage. Two more games need to be played against semi-pro Tiong Bahru and Hougang Utd who finished third in the league. Hougang and Tampines would be favourites to qualify but can Geylang shock them?


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October 2029


Fogg had hoped that he could produce a shock in the cup but it proved not quite to be! There was good news at the start of the month though...


Granted, this save doesn't really make for hanging around but it's a great intake for the club to receive. In the cup, Geylang took on Tiong Bahru (Elijah Lim 48, Noor 79). Geylang cruised past the lower-league side and two headed goals from corners were enough to get the job done. There wasn't quite so much luck against Hougang Utd (Singh 17, Tan Soong Keen 25). Singh's sweet rebound shot and Tan Soong Keen's even better free-kick looked like they were going to send Geylang on in the cup. Hougang had other ideas though as they stormed back in the second half and Fogg's men crashed out.


So, by a single point, Geylang crash out the cup and their season comes to an end. Next up will be the season review.

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Season Review


The season's XI isn't far short of what Fogg had in mind. GK Zaini and CB Osawa miss out. Perhaps they can make their mark next season?


Elijah Lim and Tan Soong Keen take the plaudits in Geylang's tricky season. Fogg is hoping that they can continue to contribute next season.


The board are looking up. Fogg managed to avoid finishing bottom and now the aim is to get mid-table. Fogg knows that there will be work to do with the squad to get anywhere near that.

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Now that pre-season had come around, Fogg was pretty keen to see what he could do with his small budget here at Geylang. Step one was something of a clear out. No first team players went but plenty of squad material from what was a pretty large collection didn't get their contracts renewed. Then there were the in's...


Wes Bickerdike is a 19yo GK who has just been released from Preston. He's yet to make any first-team appearances and doesn't seem too happy with the way that things worked out as he now has a desire not to play for Preston!


19yo Italian, Simone Resti, had been tracked by the Geylang scouting team for a while - receiving huge praise. Being only on an amateur contract, he could be picked up for nothing which made it even better.


Nepali Kiban Rai was another who the scouts picked up and were very keen on. His amateur contract at Llandudno meant that, for three out of three, he could be picked up for nothing. Last season, he got 9 goals and 3 assists. He's managed consistently high ratings since coming in from Airbus in 2025 and Fogg looks forward to making the most of his skills.


Pre-season looked pretty good with the new players bedding themselves in well. Fogg hopes that this is a good prospect for the season ahead.


Geylang are predicted to finish mid-table this season and this suits Fogg just fine with this being the exact expectations of the board. Of course, he has no need to be there till the end of the season but it's nice to know what the club is aiming for.


Hougang Utd and Young Lions are predicted to be much worse than Geylang this season with Albirex pitching in at about the same level. Finally, Tampines are the run-away favourites to win the league. Overall, the month will give Fogg a good sense of what he can get out of his team.

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March 2030


Having made some acquisitions, Fogg was keen to see how they would play out in the new season. Game one against Hougang Utd (Aniq Raushan 57) was frustrating. Aniq Raushan got the opener with a header from a free-kick which was deserved given Geylang's domination. However, in the dying embers, Hougang scored a beautiful free-kick and the points were shared.


When the scouts brought up Andrew Aw, Fogg felt the need to sign the good Singaporean RB in order to add further strength to the backline. Against Albirex (S) (Muhamad 3,4) Muhamad scored an early and quick brace - the first was an impudant chip and the second a rebound tucked home. This was enough to secure the points against a late Albirex pushback. A single penalty scored by Kiban Rai was enough to get all three points against Young Lions (Rai pen 50) and it was all adding up to a postive start before taking on the big boys of Tampines (Rai pen 24, Resti 72). When Tampines took the lead inside three minutes, Fogg feared the worst. His team, though, rose to the challenge. They upped their game and got level with a Rai penalty and Resti nearly gave his manager a heart attack when it looked like he'd missed an open goal but acutally knocked it home against the far post. A historic first win over Tampines since 2028.


 A dreamland start - Geylang fly out the blocks and finish the month top of the league. It took the team 13 games to get to 10 points last season so Fogg hopes that this is the start of a truly spectacular season!


LC Sailors are the standout team to take on next month, being third. Tanjong Pagar are 5th, Hougang Utd 6th and Balestier prop up the table.


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April 2030


Fogg was amazed at how well his team had started the season and was keen to see if he could make the most of this in the next month to really set off up the table. Good news didn't come quickly though...


Muhamad, who had been one of the best players last season, is effectively ruled out for the rest of this. Against Tanjong Pagar (Lim 14), it looked like Lim had fired in a super start from long range. It wasn't to last though as, somehow, Tanjong Pagar nicked two to leave Fogg wondering how the points had been thrown away.


The 'good' news kept coming for Fogg as another first-choice player is ruled out for a serious period of time. The form didn't get any better either as, once again, the team threw away a one goal lead against LC Sailors (Rai 37), this time with the second goal of theirs coming in the 92nd minute. Fogg is jumping up and down with frustration at this point. More domination but only a single point was the result of a game against bottom-of-the-table Balestier. It all served as something of a reality-check in Fogg's hopes of starting a title challenge and left him wondering if the side would gain a single win this month. That came, remarkably, in the month's last game against Hougang Utd (Rai pen 84). This time, Geylang were under the cosh for most of the first half and the stole the points with a penalty late on. Perhaps sometimes luck does come around.


Geylang now find themselves seven points off the title pace but four points inside the continental places. The issue is though that Fogg only has five games to go before he looks to jump ship...


So a repeat set of fixtures come up already. It's a tight league at this stage and three of the four games are teams above or just below Geylang. The final against Albirex (S) is against a team in 6th. What can Fogg start to get in his hopefully good-bye run?

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May 2030


If April was a tricky month for Fogg, he was certainly happy with the work that his side did in May. It began in frustrating circumstances with a 1-1 draw against Albirex (S) (Tan Soong Keen 48). A super free-kick from Tan Soong Keen got his season up and running but they couldn't do enough to make the most of their domination and Albirex stole a share of the points later on. Things improved against Young Lions (Tan Soong Keen 34, Zainudin 82). It looked like this game was going to be another frustrating draw but youngster Zainudin earned all three points when he smashed the winner in through the postage-stamp, superb stuff! The team cruised to a 3-0 win against league heavyweights Tampines (Tan Soong Keen 14, 49 54) and Tan Soong Keen walked away with the match ball. The final game of the season against LC Sailors (Tan Soong Keen pen 73) saw the points shared again - Tan Soong Keen saved the day when he smashed a penalty home.


Geylang keep hold of third place and the gap down to fourth has opened up to six points. They're closer to the top than that but Fogg is beginning to think about how he can get to Hong Kong in just a few days time.


There are only two games in the next month and, once they're out the way, Fogg can concentrate on getting the move that will allow him to carry on his journey.

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June 2030


There were only two games in June and there was success in both of them for Fogg. Against, Tanjong Pagar (Singh 19, 54, Tan Soong Keen 21), the team took control and Fogg was delighted with the result. The pick of the goals was Singh's second where he chested the ball down before smashing into the opposite top corner from outside the box. In game two, Balestier (Tan Soong Keen 65, pen 84) were beaten when Tan Soong Keen scored a penalty and a superb free-kick.


The replacement for the replacement drops out. The squad is getting thinner and thinner on Fogg.


Considering thta the club is penniless, another good youth intake is vital for the club. Fogg hasn't started selling yet to generate finances but will it be needed in the future?


The club rise up to second and remain in a tight top three. Fogg though, is now free to apply for jobs that will take him onto the next stage of his journey...


4th, 6th and 3rd line up in the next month. It feels like Fogg's men are playing these sides every week in this league but, with applications to Hong Kong going in, how long will he be here?

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July 2030


July 2030 turned out to be a pretty dramatic month for Fogg! It began with these two big pieces of news...



Fogg was devasted that his bid to keep his top player had gone unheeded by the board that meant that when news of a job interview came in, Fogg was keener to leave...


The next stage of the journey beckons.


Faizal Raffi was unwanted by his previous club Balestier and Fogg brought him in to provide some back up to the now first-choice Yaacob.


Geylang might be top but the month's games stop early and there are no fixtures so that can only mean one thing..

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Sham Shui Po


So the challenge moves on! Fogg joins Sham Shui Po who have just come second and got into the Confederations Cup. He feels a pang of regret in leaving Geylang when the chance of winning a trophy was there but time and the challenge move on!


So after little more than a year, Fogg is able to move on. Five countries after HK remain.


Ng Pak Long is the assisstant here. He's been at the club a little over a year and will be guding the side through Fogg's plans for them over the next year.


It's been a topsy-turvy ride for Sham Shui Po and Fogg will want to help and upward trend continue that's for sure.


Like so many clubs, finance dominates the agenda alongside the strong desire to make progress. With the luxary of pre-season available to him, Fogg has the chance to assess his squad and see what improvements can be made before the season begins.

Edited by RaySunshine
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It might not be millions but Fogg has been spending money for the first time since he left Italy! Not knowing the squad, there are few outs. The only one out is Tang Tsz Hin who was a youngster who didn't look like making the mark and so, when Sha Tin made an offer to take him, off he went. Now onto the ins...


Chan Yun Tung is the first player into the side. The 28yo RB has been a regular in the side for South China AA and he's the first part of the improvements that Fogg is looking to make in the backline.


Coming in from Mexican side CF Zacatepec, young Daniel Martinez was deemed to have made the grade and never got a minute for them. Fogg is hoping that their loss is his gain as he looks like he'll be solid gold at this level for SSP.


Lam Chin Yu was brought in from Resources Capital for a grand total of £8k. He looks like a solid option in that position for this level and is a definite upgrade on what was there in the squad before.


Lam Lok Yin has come into the club from Southern District. He managed two goals and no assists last season but Fogg is hoping that he has potential for much more than that.



Ian Hall is fresh into the club from Terbuni for £9k. The Albanian, with English as a second nationality, started out at Crystal Palace. He never made an appearance for the Eagles though and now doesn't want to go back there.


Pre-season looked pretty good but there weren't many challenges in there and it's always hard to tell...


Mid-table in the league is clearly where the priority lies for the club this season. Everything else seems be insignificant in comparison. Does the strength that Fogg hopes he's put into the squad represent enough? Only results will show.


The prediction is that the club will finish 6th and with a fairly wide gap between them and the club on each side. Does this count as mid-table and enough for mission accomplished?


October's three games are against HKFC who seem to be placed below SSP and then it's into the cup against Shan Tin predicted bottom and Kitchee SC predicted 2nd so it will give a good sense of where things are at! Next up, we'll meet the squad that are taking on the challenge...



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Starting XI

Here is a guide to the players in the starting XI who aren't transfers into the team mentioned above!


Ngan Ngo Tin: The 27yo HK goalkeeper looked to be a top performer in the league last season - only conceeding 16 in 16. Fogg is hoping for at least as much, if not better this season.

Francis Boumsong: Born in Cameroon but an HK national, Boumsong has spent his entire career in this league and has been a regular over the last three seasons.

Wong Wai Chun: The CM played 15 games in his first season for SSP and Fogg sees no reason why he can't continue to rack up starts at the moment.

Leung Chun Hai: Club captain, the 22yo managed 1 goal and 2 assists. Fogg will want more from his leader this time around.

Wong Tsz Ho: This 16yo has caught Fogg's eye and he's about to make his break-through season in professional football. What can he muster in the role?

James Warner: The 23yo English striker was born in Guernsey and has Irish heritage too. He has played most of his career in HK hitting a career best 9 goals last season. The bookies make him a potential top goalscorer in the league this time though. Can he live up to expectation?


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Sorry to be so late to the party; I found your story because my current campaign involves being a journeyman who hops from one low-rep club to another rapidly (and not with a target to win stuff), like you're doing. I can only hope to emulate your resilience - clearly, at this stage we can be sure you will complete your mission!

One question though, if I may - unless I skimmed over it, I hadn't noticed mention of you doing any coaching badges. They tend to be essential for getting better jobs. What qualifications do you have by now, and what is your 'adaptability' attribute - I'm wondering how much that is a factor.

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Thanks for the message @phnompenhandy; I certainly hope to get to the end before too long. It might even give me chance to play FM23! I have completed my coaching badges - did that back in Europe but I can't remember exactly when it was now. I'd not looked at my adaptability but it turns out that it's a massive 2! Make of that what you will!

October 2030


Fogg's first month in HK hasn't been easy but he can't complain about being unbeaten thus far. His career opened with a game against HKFC (Wong Tsz Ho pen 33, Warner 45). When Fogg's side were 2-0 up at HT, he thought he was on to a win but HKFC fought back in the second half and the points were shared. Warner scored again in game two though against Sha Tin (Warner 70) and his neatly-taken header was enough to secure all three points in the Sapling Cup. He couldn't do that against Kitchee SC though and, once again, the points were shared.



One game and one point. It's pretty hard to make anything serious of that. Four points in the Sapling Cup doesn't look like bad work so far though.


November looks like a far busier month. The first two games look a serious challenge against the league's nailed on favourites. Kitchee are predicted second while South China AA are predicted 4th. Hopefully, the game against Sha Tin will provide some relief!

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November 2030


November was a busy month for Fogg and his men but he hasn't got many complaints about the results that they've gained so far. Game one saw the side take on Eastern AA (Warner 13). Goal-machine Warner opened the goals but they scored in the second half and the points were shared. Things did not go so well in the matching league game against Eastern AA (Leung Chun Hei 48). Fogg's men were two goals down at half time and, despite getting one goal back, they couldn't do enough to get the second and a point. Things looked up though back in the Sapling Cup. The team took on Sha Tin (Lam Chin Yu 35, Warner 42) and headed goals were the order of the day when CB Lan Chin Yu got himself a rare goal. The good news continued against Kitchee SC (Warner 29, Leung Chun Hei 31, Lai Siu Ki 80) and it was good to see youngster Lai Siu Ki get himself on the scoresheet. A tough draw against Kitchee SC (Lam Chin Yu 37) came in the league game with the CB getting his second goal of the month. Finally, there was drama against South China AA (Leung Chun Hei 25, 73). They took the league with two long-range shots early on but the captain headed home twice to earn Fogg's men a point from the game.



The club are in what Fogg would judge to be a mid-table position having played quite a lot of the big guns in the league. He's hoping that he can at least secure that position or even improve it when easier games come along. In the Sapling Cup, the team have qualified with a game to spare and Fogg's men can look forward to the next round.


There's another month to come and, by the end of this, we'll have a much better sense of how the league is looking. Cup games top-and-tail the month and Fogg is keen to chase every opportunity to win a trophy.

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December 2030


Fogg new that the large number of games in December would have a fairly big bearing on how the season would pan out and, until the end, he couldn't really complain about the results that he got.

The month began with a game against Sha Tin (Warner 4, Martinez 18, Wong Tsz Ho pen 45) and, baring their equaliser, the game wasn't too worrying as Fogg's men crusised past the team propping the table up.

Kitchee SC (Wong Wai Chun 55) were a much harder proposition and Fogg was in dreamland when Wong Wai Chun scored from long range but in the end, the team left with only a point.

Irn Bru Rangers (Wong Wai Chun 19, Wong Chun Ho 26, Warner 52, Leung Chun Hei 88) should have been equally difficult but SSP simply blew them away and this result is definitely the highlight of Fogg's time in Hong Kong so far.

Another superb result came against Southern District (Warner 14, Lai Siu Ki 90+5) with Lai Siu Ki scoring a last-minute winner when a goal kick was lumped up over their backline and he ran onto it.

The team were brought down to earth against HKFC (Warner 58) though when the team couldn't take their chances against the low-placed side.

Finally, and annoyingly for Fogg, the team crashout the Challenge Shield against Kitchee SC (Leung Chun Hei 54) who progress thanks to a late, late penalty.

League Table



FA Cup Table


In the leauge, SSP have got themselves into the top half of the table and this is a pretty good place for them to be. Fogg would love to be top-half when the league splits. In the cup, one game puts them top of the group but it's a long time, strangely, before any more games get played.


At the moment, January only has three games in it. Sha Tin are bottom of the league and Fogg will certainly want points from that. The cup game is a formality as SSP have already qualified but South China AA will represent a real challenge for Fogg and his crew...

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January 2031


Only three games are played in January and the amount of red on show is certainly not pleasing for Fogg!

Game one saw the side take on bottom-of-the-table Sha Tin. Fogg's men dominated the game but one smooth through-ball and goal was enough to earn the strugglers all three points.

A heavily-rotated side played Eastern AA (Lai Siu Ki 45) and it's fairly safe to say that this game really wasn't a contest.


This was nice for Fogg to see but, of course, he doesn't really intend to be around when these players come online.


This news he does intend to be around for though. Franco Schwitzer was released by Ligue 1 Reims and looks like a true star at this level. His fickle personality wasn't the model superstar that Fogg's looking for but beggars can't be choosers!

Finally, with Schweitzer, the team took on South China AA and, once again, slack finishing leads to a 1-0 defeat. Things must improve!

League Table


SSP slip down the table with their poor run of form and, for the first time in a while, the bottom of the table slips back into view. Fogg will want things to improve in the next month but it doesn't look easy...


... with game one being against the run-away league leaders. Southern District are beatable and Fogg will want revenge against Sha Tin. Then it's continental competition before and after the Kitchee SC game that won't be easy either!

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February 2031


Fogg managed to gain some truely spectacular results this month and wonders if the club has spare oxygen tanks if things remain as they presently are!

Game one saw the team take on title leaders Eastern AA (Leung Chun Hei 25, 52) and the captain certainly led by example - gaining the win with a cool finish into the bottom corner of the net.

This was followed by the match with Southern District (Ma Chun Man 17, 41, Wong Tsz Ho 82) looked to be a disaster when Fogg's men threw away a two-goal lead but young Wong Tsz Ho saved the day when he smashed home Ma Chun Man's super cross.

Good progress continued to be made against Sha Tin (Boumsong pen 14, Leung Chun Hei 15) who themselves had been on a miraculous run to transform their season. Two goals in two minutes secured the result.

It was then into continental football and the game against Chinese Taipai's Taipower (Warner 13, 24, Boumsong 20, Lai Siu Ki 79). The result all-but secured SSP's onward progress and it was good to see Warner break his drought as he last scored in December. It came at a cost though...


A tougher 0-0 draw came agasint Kitchee SC in the FA Cup group stage where there was little really to report.

Finally, a heavily-rotated side was beaten by Taipower but they still progressed on to the group stage.

League Table


The super run of games at the beginning of the month see SSP fly into second place. One more postive result will see them enter the top-half of the table when it splits. Can they manage it?

FA Cup Group Stage


 Two games and progress looks good so far but it's still very early days in the competiton.

Conf Cup Group Stage


The East Asian Zone group sees SSP take on league opponents Eastern AA and two North Korean sides in April 25 and Hwaebul - certainly not where Fogg expected to be going on his journey!


One league game against Irn Bru Rangers gives SSP the chance to get into the top half of the table. From there, it's cup action with the game against Eastern AA and the first trip to North Korea when the team will play April 25.

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March 2031


In the final game of the full league season, the team took on Irn Bru Rangers (Warner 53, Leung Chun Hei 61). The first half was goaless but in the second half Warner headed home and Leung Chun Hei scored a beauty of a curler with the outside of his foot to send the team into...


... the Championship Group! This was followed by a return to FA Cup action with Eastern AA. SSP fought well for most of the game but Eastern AA carved out the best chances and scored a single goal which sent SSP tumbling out the competition.

North Korea's April 25 (Leaung Chun Hei 23, Wong Tsz Ho 53, Warner 63) and appeared to all be plain sailing as SSP cruised into a 3-0 lead. April 25 had other ideas though, transforming their standards and fighting back to a thrilling 3-3 draw. Great for the neutral as they say!

The month's final game was against Kitchee SC (Warner 17) in the Championship Group. Warner scored the winner when he was put through on the edge of the box to smash a powerful strike home.

League Table


SSP find themselves in second place with only two games to go - how high can they go in the league?!

Conf Cup Group Stage


A draw in the Confederations Cup puts SSP in the middle of the group. There's still a long way to go yet though.


The Conf Cup has two games this month - fellow HK side Eastern AA and North Korean Hwaebul are the opponents. With only one place out the group, the game against Eastern AA looks pretty fierce. In the Championship Group stage, Irn Bru Rangers and Eastern AA are the opponents and will be a stiff challenge for sure...

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April 2031


After the pleasure of getting into the Championship group last month, it's fair to say that Fogg had a pretty bruising month this time around.

Game one saw SSP play Eastern AA in the Conf. Cup. SSP simply failed to compete in this game and a 2-0 defeat left Fogg looking at a lot of work to do in the group.

This was followed up by a Championship Group game against Irn Bru Rangers. It was another game where SSP failed to score. The xG for both teams was pretty equal and they couldn't complain at the points being shared.


Good news did follow though - the draw was enough to guarantee second place and continental football again next season. That's where the good news ended though as SSP stumbled to defeat against Hwaebul of North Korea, giving Fogg even more work to do in the group.


This was possibly the best news of the month where a superb youth intake joined the club. It makes the future look good but we know that Fogg isn't too interested in that. The month rounded out with another game where SSP failed to score and Eastern AA made off with a single goal win.


Fogg's crew pick up an injury that's pretty unfortunate at this end of the season as legs get tired too.

League Table


SSP finish second for two season in a row and Fogg is pretty pleased that it's huge increase on the pre-season predictions of sixth!

Conf Cup Group Stage


The defeats in the Conf Cup leave Fogg feeling like progress is pretty unlikely at the halfway stage.


A month of pure cup game action is coming up next. Fogg will be giving his all in the Conf. Cup but, for him, the highlight is that semi-final where he thinks that there is a real chance of progress towards silverware again.

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May 2031


Once the dust had settled on the league, it was all cup action for Fogg. Game one saw the side take on April 25 (Schweitzer 2, 52). French CM Schweitzer scored a pair of beautiful free kicks and that was enough to guarantee all three points for SSP.

The team couldn't muster up the same against Eastern AA though and, despite going down to ten men, the table-topping team snuck a single goal win.

Fogg was really looking forward to the game against Irn Bru Rangers (Warner 2, 60) and the chance to get to a final. The game itself though was a nightmare - taking the lead twice, seeing them going down to ten men and still losing the game and the chance to get silverware this season.

The final game of the month saw SSP take Hwabel (Ma Chun Man 74) where left-winger Ma Chun Man manged to help the team salvage a point. As the season comes to an end, will this be the last goal SSP score for Fogg?


The Asian group comes to an end and SSP finish second from bottom, bringing the season to a close...

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Season Review


Most of the season's XI is not a surprise for Fogg - only seeing Wong Wai Chun make the XI ahead of Boumsong seems to be something of a surprise.


Warner leads the awards with his goalscoring prowess this season. Fogg has been pleased with him but isn't planning to be here to manage him again next season...

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Meizhou Hakka


The bigger offer doesn't come in so Fogg opts for Meizhou Hakka in China's second tier. He's promised to do six months at the club at least but could be interested in a step up to the top flight to build up his rep and complete the mission.


So here we are - only four countries remain. Fogg is aware that his rep has fallen since he was in Europe so he's hoping that he has enough to get through to the end of the challenge.


Ma Yougang is the assistant at Meizhou. He's been here since 2030 and is contracted until the end of the season.


The team have spent most of their time in China's second tier. They've had a brief spell in the top flight but mid-table security is where they're at.


The club's vision is pretty simple - repair the finances and stick around in this league. Fogg's not planning to spend long here but he'll play his part while he is.

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