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Defensive Shape Alters Team's Vertical Dimension?

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Been lingering on this for quite a while as I was holding onto my own assumptions but have decided that I needed the definitive answer.

Does the team in the second screenshot have a smaller vertical size or what actually matters are the labels defining the sliders' positions, not where the sliders' positions are?

And in junction to this, would you get a better pressing team in the second SS?

Thanks in advance.

FM SS1.png

FM SS2.png

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Yes, the team in the second screenshot is more compact. 

yes, the labels count rather then the position of the „lines“

Will they press better? No, not nessecarily. The LOE and DL may work differently then you think. 

The LOE defines the area where the most forward players Leads the press.

The DL defines the position of your defenders when the other team has the ball in their own half. mit has no or just minor effects as soon as the ball enters your half of the pitch 

therefore a higher DL compressed space for the opposition in their own half allowing you to press high up the pitch (high LOE) 

A lower LOE on the other hand allows you to compress the space in your own goals direction. 

And a lower DL allows you to protect the space behind your defense against vertical passing out of the others team half. 

Adding up a high DL with a low LOE to the extremes can at worst lead to a very inefficient Defense. 

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If you read the LoE discription it mentions team compactness, so yes the second image has a more compact team. Ideally you don't want a low DL + high LoE because that will stretch the team too much on the pitch leaving too much space between lines. I have a rule of thumb for the DL/LoE ratio where the LoE should never be 2 notches higher or lower than the DL to prevent too much compactness or too much space.

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