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Scouting since the latest update

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I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but is anyone having any issues with Scouting since the update? I find if I go to manually scout a player (assign scout -> until full knowledge), that I do not get a scout report on this player, the player status stays at 'scouted by Scout X'. This could be years, with no scout report. The only work around for this that I have found is go to 'Scout Assignments' -> 'Scouting priorities' and change the 'On Hold' scouting priority to 'prioritise assignment'.

Also, when filtering on the Scout assessment page for example - to only show players with a B+ rating, this does not seem to work. Players with a C rating etc, will be displayed.


Strangely, when I start a new game I don't seem to have these issues, only when I'm 2/3 seasons deep. I haven't raised this as a bug, because I can't help but feel I'm doing something wrong. Any advise, much appreciated!


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Best is to report it as bug; QA of SI will take a look, so you will have an answer if it's a bug or not. In case of "it's not a bug" then go back to search "what I am doing wrong". If you find what you are doing wrong; will be relief, lesson and knowledge level will be increased. ;) 

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