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Trigger pressing = Trigger depressing (Does it actually work like I think it does?)

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Apologies for the cheeky title, but I posted this in the pinned pressing thread and got no replies, so copy/pasting it into this new thread...

So I want my press to come from specific players against opposition players in a specific part of the pitch/phase of play, I do the following:

  • have a tactic that helps have players in the right spot
  • have players with a modicum of interest in pressing
  • increase the press trigger PI for those players
  • select the press trigger OI against the opposition players who should be in possession of the ball at that point

At a high-level that's it right? But then comes the nuance, which leads to some questions hopefully some people have figured out over the past few months (I've been playing only since 22.3 and was on '21 before):

  • Will other players, without having press trigger PI jacked up naturally join a press if they are in the vicinity? For instance, I don't want my CF triggering a press (so I leave it standard or even knock it down a notch), I want him to join in as the 2nd or 3rd man, when my IF or IW triggers it. I am assuming this is the case, otherwise you cannot have specific players trigger it, pretty much anyone with extra pressing PI will do it wherever and you get a headless chicken press.
  • Can you 'lightly' man mark your expected target, to be hovering as such and waiting to trigger a press, while also having the press trigger turned up? Or having ease off turned and press turned up, confuses the logic and you don't get much of anything good out of it.
  • Will 'show onto left/right foot' help the player's press angle?
  • This is on the assumption of a split block, where I want my back 4 to largely chill and use a front 3/5 for the pressing. TI press trigger more + the above I assume just rachets everything up even more and maybe removes the specificity I'm looking for?
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8 hours ago, dw2193 said:

Great video from the great man himself on the issues you are having

Thanks for that - I read through the thread, but blanked on of course their being videos!

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