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How to add Advenced rules for Champions League


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Here's my method,

Basically you set up two files, one with continental rules set (litterally just add continental rules, convert to advanced and add the competitions you want to edit in the "Competitions" list, nothing else), and one where you set the desired competitions to a nation. Add rules for the nation you set in the 2nd file, convert to advanced, click on the main screen (the one with the Description, Flexible/Fixed settings etc.) of the competition you want, Click Edit > Copy at the top of the screen, re-load your database and load up the 1st file, add a new rules to the list, click on to the main screen of this new "Other" rules and then click Edit > Paste at the top. Done. Save this file and re-load file 2 and do the same with the next competition you want to edit adding it to the 1st file. Once you've got all the competitions you want to edit, you can delete the 2nd file and just edit them in the 1st file, that's the important one.

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Thx for Instruction, but in FM Editor 2022 this doesn't work beacuse In International Cup I have only Continent, I can't change a Country:


When I try Add Club Continetal Rules I have only This:



I do not see an option to add anywhere 2 nations to the Qualification System.

I have no sub folders in FM Editor Folder:



Editor Version:



Any other Ideas?

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Thx, It's work :D


With CL everything seems alright (I only edits cash prizes), but when I edits cash prizes in the FIfa club world cup, I have this error, and I can't deal with it: 



This error appears only if I leave the country and continent fields in the competitions detalis tab as "none" .

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