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Man City Inspired 4-3-3

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Like many of you my football manager experience has been plagued by the "Plug-and-Play" 4-2-3-1 which I find myself tempted to go back to every new save I start. So this season I have rejected the idea of getting the 11 best CA players i could find and throwing them into an auto-win tactic. Instead I have opted for creating a tactic which allows me to "play football the way I believe it should be played" as it were. To build this tactic I spent a lot of time reading articles about how Klopp and Pep have built their teams to play and trying to make a tactic that operates similarly but still feels like my own. One thing that I became fascinated with during this research was how both Pep and Klopp have been exploiting a "creative half space" when unlocking the final third. When you think about the creative outputs in Man City and Liverpool the first names you think of are KDB, Trent Alexander Arnold, and Joao Cancelo. The one thing these 3 all have in common is they have roles which encourage them to work within the land of the creative half space. 

When I talk about this magical place known as the "creative half space" I am referring to the gap every 4-at-the-back defense in the half space just outside their box.612534706_Creativespace.thumb.png.ad4a7e8301abf5f11c2b1a4f33f4c6dc.png

Weve seen it all too often this year. A beautifully aimed pass or cross into the box from a player holding up the ball in that part of the pitch that unlocks the final third and allows a shot on target.0_Trent-Inside-Right-Channel.png.c0734bfa6f2ff739d4057b99e82078eb.png118648c12cef0e42d9a4e40a4d3bb50b.png.68aa832a7e995e1be4a15346233086d3.png

I made it my mission to create a tactic built for these creative players to operate in this part of the field and tear up the best defenses the Football Manager AI could throw at me.

The Tactic:

This tactic is built around the Mezzala and Complete Wing Back being the main creative outputs of the team. Both being given room in the creative half space to operate and create chances. 
The Inverted Winger and Mezzala are instructed to switch positions throughout the game in order to confuse markers and pull them away from the half space and give him more time to pick out passes.

Types of players needed for this to work.

Sweeper Keeper: A Keeper who is good on the ball is needed to recycle possession during build up.

BPD: the ball playing defender needs to be agile on the ball in order to quickly move it around in build up. Attributes like technique, first touch, and agility are key.

CD (Co): in order to compensate for the CWB's forward position this CB needs excellent positioning, anticipation, and concentration so the open space is not exploited on the counter.

FB: this full back will operate much like a wide DM in build up and then will help overload the left hand side in attack. Good crossing, speed, and defensive attributes are helpful though he is probably the least important part of your team.

CWB: As the main creator for chances on the right side of the pitch its vital that your CWB has good vision, passing, and crossing. If using the tactic long term its a good idea to retrain a wonderkid "playmaker" to play in this role rather than relying on the standard right backs the game will give you as they will rarely be up for the creative responsibility.

DM: The Defensive mid should have a lot of the same attributes as your BPD. A solid defender with a priority on him being able to quickly receive and control the ball before moving it along is key to a successful build up.

BBM: The box to box is going to be the heart of the teams passing tempo and will be in the middle of all phases or play. as the role suggests this should be a player who can do everything well. (don't be surprised if he scores more than your wingers!)

RMD: the Raumdeuter will be one of the main targets for your half space creators to link up with in the final third and can quickly become a goal scoring machine. anticipation, acceleration, off the ball, and finishing are key for him to get on the end chances and become a tap in merchant. think Raheem Sterling's role at city to give you a mental picture.

MEZ/IW: These 2 positions will be shared by the same players so a player who is comfortable playing both is important. good technical skills like, technique, crossing, dribbling, long shots, passing, and first touch and needed for him to operate and find space here. these 2 players will link up for a lot of your goals with one assisting the other due to their swapping tearing space open in the defensive line. players like Jack Grealish, Bernardo Silva, KDB, and Pedri are all perfect fits for this role.

PF: This is the main man to lead the line for your team and push and pull your opponents center halves around. A standard Advanced forward with a tolerable ability to play his teammates in should be perfect. This position can also work with a false 9 or PF on attack depending on the way your team is set up.

The Results:
I am currently at the 22nd of January 2025 using this tactic having spent 2 seasons at Red Star Belgrade and now on my second season at Lazio. Here are all the Tables up til now as well as continental performances.





I hope you have fun with this tactic as much as I have. If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know!


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2 saat önce, Bibaszczenko said:

This tactic is really poor. I dont believe your screenshoots. Maybe if U save&load. AM L and CWB R, no matter who u have there, play under 6.4 all the time.

Absolutely I agree. I smell fraud.

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