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Squad building in Eastern Europe


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I started a new save recently with Metalist in the Ukraine First League (so second tier) and am wondering if anyone has any advice on how to manage my squad with some very restrictive rules.

This league only permits you to have 3 foreign players on the pitch at any one time. However the Metalist squad contains no fewer than 11 players who count as foreign, with 7 of them at least being listed as a regular starter. They all also joined the club this summer (before I took over) meaning selling them is also very difficult. Finally the league above allows 7 foreign players on the pitch and most of these guys are very talented so I'm keen to keep.

I've move two of the more expendable ones out on loan for now and am looking to do the same with two or three more. But I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with this type of thing and can offer advice on whether there is a way to not have an outright mutiny due to playing time on my hands or if there is some route to naturalisation I'm missing.

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