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Hi guys,

Just have a suggestion to make the game realistic in the National League.

Would it be possible to add a geographical limitation for players in the National League particularly the North/South leagues.

What I mean by this is that these footballers don't always earn enough to get by and sometimes have a second "normal" job. They have more family commitments and a better local understanding and pride. Premier League footballer can up sticks and relocate anytime.

A National League player in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear wouldn't be interested in moving all the way to Dover, Kent for an extra £200 a week. He would either move to club that's closer or ask for a better contract. 

When you are in those leagues the "working" aspect of life is more apparent. There have even been cases whereby a player at 30 now decides to be a plumber because he can't get a better contract, isn't talented enough to be wanted by another club and genuinely has to look out for his future. 

Another example is injuries, many players also choose to quit a club if they are injured for too long because of work commitments. You can't be off sick as a part time builder with a skull fracture or a complicated leg fracture which occurred during a National League game. 

It would be nice to see a section in the negotiations or enquiry that says something like:

"Player is not interested in clubs more than 80miles away."
"Player can only afford to be based in Vanarama South."   

Players are ok to travel to the north/south of the country for away games or if promoted to the conference premier but as a permanent residence/change of clubs it's a much bigger commitment.

Just thought it might make things more realistic. I'm open to discuss or read constructive criticisms!


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SI tend not to involve football with other aspects of life. I think it's a great idea because it is more realistic, but SI want to focus on the footballing aspect.

As I said I agree it would be a great addition as it is what really happens in the lower leagues of football.

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