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*Challenge* How to beat Slough? (Save game included) - FM21

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I've been finding it really hard to defeat Slough and though I've already lost 2-0 in my save I want to find out how and why I lost to them and come up with a new plan better equipped to defeat their tactic. 

This is how they line up: image.thumb.png.1b556332c0d35256620985017ab8f1db.png 

I ended up playing an attacking 4231 but was never really able to impose myself on them, they seemed to win every second ball, as a team they defend really well and are really narrow from what I can tell and they press quite aggressively. I thought because they were defending so narrow I could hurt them down the flanks by going wide and passing into space and trying to hit early crosses behind their d-line, unfortunately I was unsuccessful. 

Their attack is quite devastating they were able to overload me down their right flank with their overlapping fullback proving really dangerous and Kuhl I eventually told to tight mark because with his high vision he was able to make a lot of key passes. 

This is how my match turned out:



Here is a link to my save game: https://www.mediafire.com/file/gavplvqoay0ecet/Farnborough_Vs_Slough.fm/file

*Please note this is for FM21*

Feel free to have an attempt at this match yourselves I'd love to hear some feedback on how you get on and any tactical insights you are able to come up with.

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First try:



4231 because that's what you use. A draw, defense is fine but I'm not happy with the attack, really don't like the wingers.


Next try, started with a 433, because they use a target man and the dm can man mark them easily, but they scored an early goal, so I changed it to a 442 diamond. 






As you can see, much better offensive output. So I played it another time, also added man mark instructions to the mez, dlp and TM. When the DLP changed to BWM removed it because it's not needed for a role with simple passing in my opinion.




Now why 442 diamond and defend narrow, which very is different from your approach. They play a 442 with an IW, a DLP and a TM. The TM dropping deep creates a 4411, the IW creates an asymmetric 4321, with the IW moving in the AMC L postion. Playmaker and Target players have a focus play instruction, so I really want to play narrow, press as high as possible and prevent both the DLP and TM from getting the ball, without these creators I eliminate most of their threats. So if you get lots a crosses and concede too many goals, you can use a more defensive role like FB instead of WB, or prevent the ball from getting there in the first place. Both options are viable.


In the first game I noticed that most players struggled to play long passes and especially your left winger is terrible.  That's why I used a narrow shape and all these instructions. I want a tactic where they dribble and can play simple passes in the middle of the pitch while getting enough verticality to get the ball to the strikers who are actually quite good.

Hope that helps explain my approach



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My go-to changes from my 4-3-3 when playing against a 4-4-2 are:

1. One FB as IWB-D. This will help with numbers at the back and help keep possession.

2. DLP-S (on DM-Strata) with Dribble More. They have 2 players on CM-Strata, you also have 2, the third guy in the middle will have time on the ball. If you have him on dribble more, he'll either attract the opposition CMs leaving them exposed in the middle or get into better positions on the ball.

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