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How can I improve this counter attacking Lower League Tactic.

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Regarding role selection, SK/A and BPD in a lower league team don't sound good. And why use an AP if you want to play fast counter attacks?

Regarding mentality and TI:

  • I'd use 'attacking' mentality to encourage a direct, high-tempo game, and then use TI to shape the team into a low block
  • Remove all short passing TIs that are contrary to a counter-attacking style: Play Out Of Defence, Take Short Kicks, Distribute to CB/FB

To not alter what you have completely I'd go for something like:





Attacking / Run At Defence / Counter / Regroup / Lower DL / Lower LOE / Tighter Marking

Keep it simple and see if the team is doing what you imagine :thup: 

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Since you are in the VNS:

I would give the players freedom to do what they are skilled at. They probably only have a few decent atributtes. I suggest remove all the instructions on the left side of the screen, Keep it blank. Put everyone in their "best" role or the simplest role, for instance using 2x Central Midfielders on support and 2x wingers on support/attack.

I got from Tier 6 to the premier league with this tactic, so it works all the way up.



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