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[HELP Request] Stuck with SuperLeague-Database


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Hey everyone!

I've created an European Superleague (7 tiers, 8 leagues) plus a qualifying pool (8th tier, 1 league) in Germany.

So far, so good. Now I want to establish a Cup that draws the winners from each of the 8 leagues in the first 7 tiers and puts them against each other, some sort of Super Cup so to say. This should happen after the leagues have finished, so I was looking for it to take place in June (although that might interfere with international tournaments I guess, so maybe July of the next season would be better)

And here's the problem - I cannot get that to work for the life of me.

I went into the advanced rules to try and specify which teams to draw but that just resulted in the cup not even being clickable ingame.

So, does anyone have the experience and know-how to fix this and tell me what the issue was? I'm very new to creating databases with the editor.

I'd also like the 8th tier to not have a guaranteed promotion. I'd like the top 2 teams from the 8th tier to play a promotion playoff against last place of the two 7th tier leagues. I think I had that in basic rules, but it acted up when I switched to advanced so I killed it.


Any help is much appreciated!

MRCX European Super League.fmf

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I see 2 issues.

Firstly, you're telling the competition to get "last winner". That takes the previous season's winners. Looks like you've put your database over the top of the existing Germany leagues, so there are previous winners for some, but I assume you'd want the 21/22 winners to be in the 2022 tournament rather than the 20/21 winners. Plus it looks like you've deleted B clubs so some of those winners also don't exist any more, creating another issue.

That could be solved by making it a tournament at the start of the next season, July perhaps as you mentioned (although I'd recommend late July as international tournaments often run until about the 15th July). If you set the start year to 2022 then it will skip the 21/22 season, but at the start of the 22/23 season you'll have a tournament for all the league champions from the 21/22 season.

I'm pretty sure there is a way to get the league champions from the current season if you do want it as an end of season tournament, but it can't be done via "get last winner". I'm pretty sure it would be via "get league stage teams", but I'm not sure of the details you'd need to set to make sure it was the champions.

Secondly, you've told it not to set up until stage 38 of all the leagues have been completed (Stages > Stage 0 > Requirements). Stage doesn't refer to individual rounds, it refers to chunks of the competition, ie. the entire 38 game season is one stage (stage 0) a playoff would be a second stage (stage 1). If you want it to be an end of season tournament then you should set it the requirement to stage 0 instead, then once the league stage is finished the competition will set up. If you do choose to make it a start of season tournament instead, then just delete everything there.

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Thank you very much! 

Such an easy fix but I don't think I would have thought of it!

Do you happen to know how I can do the relegation/promotion I want to do in the advanced rules?

So as you can see my 7th tier consists of 2 parallel leagues, and I'd like the team that finishes last in both of them to go up against one of the teams that finished first and second in the 8th tier over 2 legs for promotion.

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