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FM ME22.4. Flat 433. Plug & Play with all teams. Includes player Archetypes and Training Schedules

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I’ve had a small number of people ask for a tactic this year so here it is.

I’ve been using this flat 433 across all the version of the match engine this year and it has worked consistently well at all times. Arguably its performing at its best on the latest version of the Match Engine.


Essentially we have a ‘double chevron’ set up with 2 central pivots feeding wide runners. During regular build up the idea is to create overloads in the channels creating multiple situations where a wide running (Mezzala or Advanced Forward) can play a simple pass across the six yard box or penalty area for an attacker to get on the end of. Obviously this set up is very helpful for counter attacking situations where the ball can find its way to the Deep Lying Forward who can feed the more advanced Strikers.

Defensively there would usually be concerns about 3 striker formations, however the Deep Lying Playmaker ‘anchors’ the midfield and the Deep Lying Forward operates defensively when out of possession. We also have fairly conservative Full Backs on Support Duty. So it functions pretty effectively defensively all things considered.

This is a high tempo, semi direct system with players able to take shooting opportunities when presented with them. (we don’t employ work ball into box)


Obligatory convincing title win with Liverpool



Satisfactory return for Norwich 


And back to back promotions non league with an academy team I’ve been building for a few seasons.


No Oi’s 

Corners > Left Back takes right corners, Right Back takes left corners 

Throw in’s > Right Back takes right throw in’s, Left Back takes left throw in’s      


22.4 433.fmf

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Posted (edited)

Player Archetypes 

Advanced Forwards – Runner, Finishers 

Agile, Technical, Dribblers are preferred here with plenty of pace. Counter Attacking at pace travelling quickly with or without the ball. These attributes also help them find space around the penalty area during slower build up play. Non league a physical type good in the air is a good alternative. 

Look for,

Acceleration, Dribbling, Technique, Off the ball 


Deep Lying Forward – Creator, Disrupter 

Here we are looking for someone both technical ability and with a strong work ethic. He is our first line of defense with the opportunity to win the ball high up the pitch from where he has the skills to instigate a strong counter attack. A high pivot pulling the strings from central areas when attacking.

Look for, 

Vision, Passing, Work Rate, Decisions


Mezzala – Runner, Dribbler   

Link players from midfield attacking the channel in tandem with the Advanced Forwards creating situations where one or both of them can be in space in dangerous areas. Moving quickly with the ball transitioning defense into attack. They are also required to put in a defensive shift. 

Longshot monsters.

Look for,

Dribbling, Agility, Work Rate, Longshots 


Deep Lying Playmaker – Interceptor, Distributer 

Fairly disciplined role in front of the back for, we play out from the back and much of this will go through him. Pick passes and spreading play accordingly. Out of possession he will snuff out attacks intercepting passes and building from there. 

Look for, 

Anticipation, Decisions, Passing, Vision   


Full Backs – Runner, Tacklers 

Taking on a lot of defensive responsibilities we need good athletes who can run the flanks all day. They do not over commit offensively and will often opt for simple passes into the channels rather than a cross. We can focus on defensive qualities without much detriment to the overall system. 

Look for,

Stamina, Work Rate, Tackling, Marking 


Centre Backs – Header, Tacklers

Again we can firmly concentrate of defensive attributes here, offensively all they really need is to be able to pass it 10 feet the our playmaker. Pace is always welcome here.

Look for,

Jumping Reach, Tackling, Marking, Acceleration 


Goal Keeper 

Again we can keep it simple.

Look for,

Aerial Ability, Reflexes, One on One’s, Command of area 


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Posted (edited)


I have successfully continued to employ my simple training philosophy with a tough pre-season followed by a focus on match readiness in the main season.

Employ normal training intensity at all times.

We use 3 schedules.

Pre-season > Heavy physical training combined with team bonding to set us up for a long hard season. Normally 4 or 5 weeks of this at the start of each season 

Match Week > Any week with 2 or more matches is classified as a ‘match week’. Here we are not really interested in ‘coaching’ or player development. It’s much more about match preparation and conditioning with only light training days.

Development Week > Any week with 1 or less matches. Here we can commit time to working on improving our players with a range of session working on improving player skills and development tailing off in readiness for the weekend match

Using these schedules on my Academy Teams I regularly see CA increases of 30+ points for professional personalities, 10-20 points for balanced personalities over 1 season. 




Development Week.fmf Match Week.fmf Pre-season.fmf

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56 minutes ago, jdubsnz said:

@Mr U Roslerwas about to start a new Arsenal save and saw this! very interesting, but where would you play Saka and ESR in this system?


Saka left sided Mezzala (retrain). Smith Rowe retrain to the Deep Lying Forward Role or right sided Mezzala depending on your squad. 

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38 minutes ago, Mr U Rosler said:


Saka left sided Mezzala (retrain). Smith Rowe retrain to the Deep Lying Forward Role or right sided Mezzala depending on your squad. 

nice one, thank you!

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On 25/03/2022 at 14:14, Skywalk3r83 said:

Does it still work after the latest update? This is a good one to use with the 92/93 database from @TheMadScientistFM 😄

Not sure there was an ME change, still showing 22.4 on my game. 

Results don't seem any different to me after the update. 

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Taking Salford to Premier League (won every div.) (using other tactics)

Started with a 4-3-1-2 and got hammered by Man C. (expected) then played so and so.

changed to Mr. U's 4-3-3 and suddenly started winning......some by 1 goal and some by several.

Have a lot of draws and some lost by 1 goal but at new year, I'm 6th place, so really satisfied.

Having loads of chances and hitting posts and stupid-keeper.


2 Questions Mr. U. :

1 player down - who to take out?

Should I change Attacking to ?, if wanting to defend small lead or? (have tried some times but ended up being more hammered and changing back to attacking)

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