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How do you use the post match analysis tools to alter your tactics?

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I have decided that I am playing all my matches twice to see what tactical changes I can make in the second match to exploit the oppositions weaknesses and play to my strengths. Using the post-match analysis tools available (key-match findings, team/individual stats) What should I be looking out for to exploit the opposition and try to remove their attacking threat

Individual Player Stats/Key Findings/Pass Maps?

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You could start with looking at where you are losing out in comparison to your opponents. Too many fouls, lay off the pressing/tackling a bit. Inferior possession, should you press a bit more? These are just examples, any problem you find may have numerous possible solutions. Plus, it depends what you are trying to achieve with your tactic and is that working? For example, your possession stats might be inferior but if you are not playing a possession-based style you may not care (e.g. Leicester 2016).

Have you read Line and Diamonds? Pretty much everything that happens in the game can be understood in terms of the 14 principles it describes. If you know how you want to implement those principles in your style that may guide what stats to look for to see if it's working.

You also need to watch some of the game itself to understand the stats in context. For example, the stats might show a shot on the edge of the box but did that come from a prolonged passing phase or a 10 second counter attack?

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