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Revisiting FM 20

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So couple of days ago I got together with a friend of mine and we decided to go for FM save, first problem that hit us is that I havent bought FM 22 he hasnt bought FM 21 so we settled on middle ground and poped up the good ol' FM 20...

Now first things I noticed on FM 20 is that I completely forgot how it works, I mean FM "rules" are always pretty much the same, but on certain ME certain thing work and certain things dont, one of the things that I soon realised is I cant go strikerless really, ait was kinda underperforming, second thing that hit me is Fullbacks and Wingbacks act completely different in FM 20 version. After some debating we decided to go for EPL save and we decided to pick mid table teams. I picked Leicester since I really never played with them and always wanted to have Vardy on mine rooster but considering he was quite old even when he became famous and top hitter this was mine chance to try the Foxes, he decided to go yolo and proceeded with claims Newcastle is a mid team, they are strong enough and I will hope takeover happens (Funny enough he did get the takeover in mid December and almost got sacked cos new chairmen promised Brendan Rogers who declined them) after the whole ordeal of whom picks what I realised one thing, I dont want to do what I always do, I realised I played wingerless systems only back in FM 14 or FM 15 with Napoli. So I brought up the Leicester squad, saw a shitton of quality mids(Or so I thought) and decided to sell everything that doesnt fit mine 5-3-2 into 3-4-3 ish ide.

The whole transfer saga and team assesment will follow if you are uninterested in financial and player wise structure of team I'm advising you to just skip without getting bored

First issue I found after setting mine tactic up is the lack of interest for mine players (yes we do it "cheese" way without first transfer window restrictions, I'm guilty its funnier that way) second issue is although mid is packed with decent "names" all of them lack alteast one part of their game for me to use them, 3 mids are "too offensive" namely Tielemans, Praet and maddison, they would all compete for same spot, 2 mids are "too defensive" namely Choudri and Ndidi, tho their defensive quality is really good their total midfielder status is not much so. next issue was the strikers, Ihenacho is just a a bit of all decent type of striker, Vardy is still class on FM 20 with his amazing mentals and good physicals for his age, Perez is a miss for 532 and 343 since he offers almost 0 physical pressence and speed. But then came the biggest issue, the CD, Soyuncu is almost a world beater and its there for everyone to see, Evans is mentally one of best CDs in game but his speed is a real concer especially at his age when it can only drop further, the Bennet who is on loan suffers similar issues so i decided to never even use Bennet to avoid paying 5m clause he has in contract and to just recall Benkovic since they are similar and since it is better to develop mine own player then to use washed up loanie.

After some thought I figured I will need strong physical presence for multiple parts of mine game, 1 thing is i want to be able to hoof it up in 532 and then certain strong man can lay it off to pacey partner, other things is Im an underdog in a MP save, game gets really really funky in those i want to be able to score from set pieces so 3 "towering" CBs in addition with good stron striker should help me even with that. After some digging and initial failure to secure Giroud(imho most underused world class player in probs all of FM, Oscar Cardozo aside) I decided to go for the "beast from the east" and Mitrogol (Aleksandar Mitrovic) was more then happy to prove that he isnt championship beater only( he was tied for no 1 in assists and 3rd in goals scored across the season). Then I looked into the future and decided taht Raspadori might just become new Vardy he is only 15 years younger then him, but he could become mine next Fox of the decade. After some thinkering and persuassions Tsimikas and Rafael agreed to join as covers for respective wingbacks which solved most of mine issues since Chillwell and Perreira are probably among top 10 Wingbacks in game at start date on their repsective sides. The last addition which would impact first team games is Romario Baro, a player that kinda somehow got under mine radar when I used FM 20 back in days but I really enjoyed his wild long shots that sometimes surprise even him.


Then I gave it some though, Maddison was really nice, he had really good PPMs and I lacked only 2 PPMs on him to envision mine plan, but, he is worth a loooot of money and his anticipation is sub par if Im going to play over aggresive or over defensive, which are basically labels for 343 and 532 respectively, Praet suffers maddison issues but he is even worse in temrs of ability, tielmans is amazing, but again with money I can go to the moon, so I made a plan, I will sell them both, not now, but on the end of season and maybe try to get 100m-140m for both in total and I will try to secure replacements in terms of good young prospects at start of game, so I decided to hunt down few targets Verschaeren was mine no 1 pick to inherit Maddison, I decided if I can snatch Fabio Silva in 2-3 yeas I will have more then Mitrovic in that role since he is also a lot more technical and doesnt have weak off the ball and anticipation like Mitro does, Sutalo can provide more complete Wingback if Perreira gets snatched by some big club and he provided some DC relief when necessary aswell, Kotchap can be developed and used instead of Evans at some point, Kenneh can be snatched and resold for profit (it is a bussiness after all), I dug up another Croatian in Dinamo named Brekalo to invest into that wingback slot when Chillwell gets snatched.

Now first transfer window was done, but what i didnt mention is I used the good ol' Im gonna make mine club so deep in debt that I have around 3 seasons to start beating **** up or Im just gone, yeah the old Instalments trick, so with installments, for those who are unaware, you can sign a lot of players with smaller budget, since your budget looses only the immediate funds, the installments are cut from your future transfer budgets.

AI also got rid of all the deadwood, atleast I percieve them like that, namely Demarai Grey, Mendy, Justin, Amartey, Perez, eventually near the half of the season Iheancho, albrigton, james, Barnes,  Fuchs and others who were lacking in interested followed, thus allowing me to make mine super star signing. (deadwood sale is good for your current season since you will loose potential money you can get from non listed players but I needed to clear wages fast and I needed to get some starting money)

So the january comes and mine first golden bois arrive, Henrique from Gremio and none other then Tonali from Brescia, those 2 are perfect for my style, not only they have amazing mental stats for their age, but also have the physicals and technicals to back it up, a good allrounder mid duo. 

Mine only "mistake" is that I havent gunned for Florentino Luis when I could so Lilpool snatched him, while City baited Camavinga, but getting them was also unrealistic.

So in the end with all money spent, everything rearranged I finished season in 4th after dreadfull rund from game 25 onward, since matc hschedule decided to give me 2 Liverpool games back to back preceeded by Man City away game all in January which I did loose, the Lilpool ones, cos City got served cold, but boi I felt FMed, anyways at that point I thought its ok, 2 strongest teams in game 3 points from 3 games its ok, aaand then the draws and last minute goals kicked in, nothing I did made any difference, I mean even Felipe Anderson scored 2 goals in 2 minutes with headers marked by Evans with only 2 shots west ham had, total FMed. But without ranting what this wonderfull game sometimes does is it gives you pottatoes and you try to make lemonade.

So as the season closed and with me in 4th board was over delighted, ECL baby instead of potato European competition I will play the big bois, THE BIG BIG bois, so they gave me transfer money, I checked mine squad and it was all coming true.

The rebuild has begun

Chillwell, Perreira, Ndidi, Mitrovic, Tielemans, maddison, Evans Tsimikas, Vardy and Rafael all become wanted man, faced with crisis I did what i do best, promise money that i dont have and went for restructure, I decided taht I have to hold onto Perreira, there is no RB in game at start of season 2 that can come even close to him for a club of mine stature, but rest, well rest is for grabs, i will sell them all, but under 1 condition, you will bleed money for them, and you will bleed insta payments, none of that installment stuff. So I decided I can even undersell some of them simply cos I need the funds now not in 2 years i need it now. They all left along with some loan deadwood netting me 321 million euros (which Board was delighted to cut into 70% for you rest for the club, applauding that one, thank you board) and went on a spree, targets no 1 new qualitty left backs.

After some deep searching I found mine new targets, one who is not yet on the radar of the big ones and one who has it all what i need and will even probably outperform Chillwel, and plus he is already unsettled.

So Ait Nouri and Pellegrini joined after some drawned out negotiations to fit everything in. next order of bussiness after loosing mitrogol wa getting mine first wish, Olivier was on sale for 2.7m, I mean who can resist, mine favorite Target man of series is on sale and i must have him, a total upgrade in every departmet except in speed over Mitrovic, the sexy anticipation workrate off the ball balance and aeiral presence esp since compared to real life where he last time scored when he was in elementary school, he actually scores in game, wonderfull.

Next order of bussiness improve the back line, Evans is gone, he was one of team leaders but other then his mentals he lacked the speed to cope with EPL level, so Onguene's clause was activated and Milenkovic was stolen from Fiorentina.

Vardy short term repacement was prvided in Gabigol since he was still "cheapish" for his ability and he himself wants a step stone club and I want a step stone striker until Raspadori can fire on all 4 cylinders.

Since i sold every single one of my first pick AMC's (apart from Verschaeren who did so so in first season, tho no wonder with his low CA at start of game) I decided its time to get a new star in the making and splash it out really big on one of the games probably best players Reiners 109 million clause was triggered and all of a sudden we went for a new dawn at King Power stadium. The foxes are biting back.

If you skipped the "boring" part we now move onto tactical terms

So since I decided to go 532 and 343 I got the idea why not do it 2 ways, take what I like from Conte and Gasperini and then combine it to make tactic possible of holding the ball and also cappable of countering and sitting back if needed.

I did a lot of experiments, switched a lot of roles, PI's, set piece combinations until I clicked them both to what works in FM 20 engine, the engine is really weird since in 343 you are probably better of with ML and MR instead of WBL and WBR stratas since they do press higher and they also start higher up the pitch, but i wanted to stay true  I wanted to make it work with WBs


The "343"


YOU SAID 343 ITs 5212 INSTEAD, I qualify this in mine book as 343, we can disagree but for me its a 343.

What's happening here is that your players will try to keep hold of the ball by making passing triangles all over the pitch and exploit the overload on defences in wide area where WBs can penetrate with good timed runs or with central overloads when BBM and AM join attack, whole movement of front 3 is very chaotic, they are all told to roam, vs teams with flat back 4 it is devastating since PF(s) (the Mitrogol, Giroud role) is a storng presence in air and with good off the ball moves he will come deep and unsettle defenders, the CF(a) will do it all, he will drop, he will probe (esp since I use AF types here who will have the PPM for offside traps) and he will create general havoc with his moves and try to open himself to recive pass and then shoot, or play in partner WB or AMC. AMC is really specific position here, he is told to get forward by his hardcoded PI but, I want to use a player that has comes deep to get the ball, paired with gets into opposition area PI, the trough balls, long passes, one twos, they are all bonus, those 2 are most important since you will make a killing machine out of him, he will come deep for the ball, play it out and then surge forward when presented with a chance. you could simply switch him to Trequartista and teach him move into channels along the first 2 but I didnt have workrate AMC atm so i optet for AM(A). WB(A) are your wide players and basically only ones doing so, you need real quality in there (reason why I spent so much in that area) they need to do it all and on top of it be quick to be able to catch back in defence and to push up in attack. BWM is a BWM in name only, I picked that role cos I didnt want a DLP who would crate endless passes with AP, I didnt use Mezzala cos in transitions he would move up too far if he doesnt have a PPM, CM (S) isnt that aggressive even with tackle harder, RPM is just a big no no, Carilero is an interesting choice which can work but Id say I need to experiment vs weaker sides with it more to advise the switch to it. BWM is perfect and if you asked WHY U SELL NDIDI WHEN U USE BWM? Thats the trick BWM is BWM in name only, I introduce you to Tonalis role, his PPMs (esp since no one else on team has dictates tempo) make him mine BWM. Think of him as reversed regista, regista sits back and does pirlo stuff, but this guy does Gattuso stuff and then goes Pirlo mode, mine logic was if I win the ball up the pitch I want the guy who won it to make maximum use of that position so I need a guy who will do long pass, trough pass and dictate it and turn it into quality possession, thus Tonali was reborn. BBM needs a complete player whowill run from deep, decent long shots for some screamers, and overall agression and ability to play passes, finish chances and track back, This is mine Baro/matheus henrique, They are both fairly technical and offer a chance in possession battle and are both capable of doing long shots and pick some good passes. PPM wise I would suggest gets further forward and tries long shots if he is long shot god, one twos is also a neat addition as is switches play(if he has good passing/vision, dribles trough center is also an option.

the back 3 are the part where I suffered the most, I lacked speed, and I lacked lot of it, In season 2 I fixed those issues and we will see how it will go but I would suggest that you have at least one 14 pace 14 accel with 14 anticipation at least for that cover role, and at least 12 pace 12 accel with 14 anticipation on wider roles, along those attributes dont forget concentration decisions, aerial presence, positioning, you know the CD stuff. If you get ur hands on ie Chris Mepham put him on either of sides he likes and teach him long passes and you will see those over the top ICBMs. Both wide CBs are told to stay wider in order to ease recycling of possession and to try to avoid the high press.

The keeper is on attack duty simply cos kasper can do it, he is really good for that poor mans Neuer in his prime sort of thing, and he will occassionaly blunder but he is probs the best you can get so id stick with him.


The 532:



First of all this is a hard hitting counter tactic which I used for some away games(took me more then long to sort it out since I rarely play on breaks) and for holding onto lead(cant hold the lead when you get FMed)

Relax, the 2 support roles on top are there because how they work, remember the magnet roles of FM? Well I do, and those include F9, Targetman and Trequartista for ST strata, as i previously stated Treq lacks the pressing part and I want them to sometimes press, well not sometimes always but only when they come out. F9 is F9 only in name, dont be tricked, this is your Advanced forward, he has the F9 tag so he starts from deeper position and doesnt get isolated in transitions, I tried with CF both on support and Attack, and with AF and Poacher, Poacher had some smaller succes tho, but F9 is the one I decided to use, if your AF player also has amazing workrate and teamwork this will work wonders. The Target man is self explanatiory pop it long for the big guy, this is what I want to see now taht Giroud is in, Mitrovic was awesome but I excepct much much more from Olivier. Front 2 will try to play each other in, hold the ball for onrushing WBs and Mid duo and generally try to cement themselves and provide a thorn all the time. Mezala in here is to try to provide width and a bit of overload on right side so you can get some triangles untill a chance opens up, this is pure Conte play in which you need workhorses, When  I switch, mine mezzala is player from AMC so that he can again come deeper and not be isolated in transitions and help with ball carrying. BBM stays the same, he is there to do what he was doing and cos he has further PPM he will be above mezzalla in transition thus making a ladder for ball to "climb" up. Tonali goes back to his Tonali role, offering an outlet and trying to regista stuff but not from regista role, cos remember, regista role is for when you press high ie 442 diamond of sorts, but here I need him to close down aswell and provide safety in the back by shielding the line a bit. When we go from the back CD cover will drop, CB left and right will offer options on sides and DLP will come in middle making nice diamond to relieve pressure, its all about diamonds. WB and CD have pretty much the same roles.

What is wrong with these tactics?

Wing backs are wrong


Well let me try to explain

If you use WB(S) on either side, their mentality and hard coded part will make them defend super good, but on offense they dont have same penetrative power as on attack, they come up later and since you face a lot of formations where you have ie 442 451 4231 you get the picture, then there are 2 guys waiting for him, and they get forced into 2v2 instead of 2v1(in 2v1 case STCR, MCR help them overcome the obstacle)

In 343 situation I can outright say switch them to ML MR strata, make them DW, WM, W role set overlap or underlap and lower their mentality and just press press, It will work better then WB 90% of time

but in 532 situation, you loose a lot of defensive stability by doing so especially since WCB doesnt exist in this FM(I stated before havent tried FM 22 but heard wonders about new role)

One of the ways to make your wingbacks behave in different manner is overlap and underlap, because there is no one in front of them it will just increase their mentality but also in case of underlap force some of the play trough the middle making them search passes inside and on overlaps making them go a bit wider forcing your team to find them wider in wide positions for crosses)

CWBa roles can work but Im sorry i dont have Trent Arnold or Dani Alves in his prime to use those, those are really demanding roles Id suggest avoiding for 99% of the game time(maybe its just me)

If you train WBs to have long range passes and switches ball to other side then you could arguably use them as WBs since then you will have ICBM launchers from deep that will unlock any defense simply cos of their low starting position and cos diagonal potential they have from their position with all the movement in front of them.

Try it I guess, WB experimenting is always super fun.

Other issue is 3 man backlines in FM 20 are prone to loosing players on side passing, basically if team starts their attack from right and moves to the left without challenge you can face free ppl on right side thus making you prone to those nasty crosses, best way to avoid it is by having good CBs and good WBs, the other way Id suggest is making wide BPDs stoppers which will in turn make them protect the channels, but for mine players that was too risky due to their overall lack of pace in season 1. 

During the matches I tend to change stuff, mainly I change mentality cos attacking is higher risk high reward type of play, players also get tired a lot lot more and you are prone to counters when facing such teams, I tend to switch after I secure the lead, but not like insta switch more like I try to get 2-3 goal cushion then shut the opposition and do the counter attack, I also remove pass into space since those balls make overturns.

On 532 I have pass into space and hit early crosses by default those arent a mistake those are there simply for the reason that if I start vs Liverpool away i want to try to murder them with over the top balls, and if I switch to hold the lead I would remove those 2 instructions and add play for set pieces and waste time, a dick move, but effective dick move.



Final word

All in all FM 20 is still fun, whom am I kidding, FM was always fun.

Game works, it can remind you of some older days or if you try to lure friends into FM sect FM 20 was the free one, you can lure them in hue hue hue 


Instead of sharing the wins i will share the getting FMed games, jk I will share both and some final results just so that those AcTchualy Knap Viking Storm raid monastery Scotland Tactic for 20,4,4,124124 version performs the best in FM 20 people can gimme some hate (no hate to Knap he came to mine mind as super tactic creator, keep up with the good work)

Why am I posting this? Just of funs, since I tend to stick to particular systems I mastered read 442 4231 451 and variations of the same, so I found this as a good source of furthering mine game knowledge and some other aspects of game that I wasnt aware of, namely no winger systems and counter systems aswell.

There are probably a lot of typos, pardon me for that.

Ill leave the tactics here if anyone wants to even boot up the ol' reliable 20 and give it a swirl or to experiment around with different ideas:


343: NO I ATACC YOU.fmf

Before meme games league standing  and stuff like that:AFD.thumb.png.340b2361dc8f1ba97caefd17144ddc64.png141.thumb.png.a74b1aaf932223d530cfbd5a635cd72d.png

On side Note Vardy missed almost last 2 months of play cos broken leg time... As you can see I overscored all but Liverpool but mine "great defence" made the score for the end.


Probably the worst Get FMed game in mine time playing FMScreenshot_9.thumb.png.251923d064bbe4f8b586f257d4bba946.pngScreenshot_10.thumb.png.412fbaf8bde106245dbd38628c3987bd.pngScreenshot_11.thumb.png.0291a8676e05424d9e5b047e484d055b.pngScreenshot_13.png.0597889d376000d545af61678cea7ceb.pngScreenshot_14.png.ea8264e66ef7e419a9a9e0e38e9aee81.pngScreenshot_15.png.1c244b20fecb6300e7a29ff2bdb79767.pngScreenshot_16.png.3f5419c7459cbc27e4d12e00b0e09927.pngScreenshot_17.png.ad02e01f86c298e3762abd4c02b4e33f.pngScreenshot_3.thumb.png.230903568c525c8522c6ca641f7ae556.pngScreenshot_4.thumb.png.28eb36a6ba5880851ae58fc64f478924.pngScreenshot_5.thumb.png.2314d862f3348aaa284aba82fd362b29.pngScreenshot_6.thumb.png.8c55493fc0f4c9259e8f02a250ea2636.pngScreenshot_7.thumb.png.a415a7f1b8cba877d06e1adf0b7b5982.png

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