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Change Team Names with IGE?


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I remember using a skin for FM21 that had some different features for the In-Game Editor, namely the ability to change to team names and their short names etc.

Having tried to simply use the .xml for the IGE from this FM21 skin, though, it won't work so I assume something in the code changed from FM21 to 22. Would anyone have any idea of where to start on adding this feature to the IGE? I posted about this before just when FM22 came out, so hoping someone might have a better idea of what to do now. Thanks for anyone who can help me out on this!

On the same idea, is there any way to adjust player skin colour? I recall this being available previously but cannot find it this year. Had a few players with the wrong skin colour, so would like to be able to adjust if possible.

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7 minutes ago, Krysler76 said:

Hi, I think that's my skin, the Heffem Skin, yes some things have changed so the files from FM21 don't work but I fixed it in the FM22 Heffem skin so just try.

Hey friend!


Yes that is 100% right, and I done as you suggested and it has worked just as I needed. Thank you so much mate, you are a legend :)!

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