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Train/play Complete or Advanced Forward Striker? (FM20)

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TLDR: Should I train & play this player as Complete or Advanced Forward, And what are the upsides and downsides of each?

Hello, I am managing IK Start in Norway, I got promoted and finished top half last season. I have a promising young striker who is playing as many matches as he can for the first team. He might be good enough to play as a complete forward. Or good enough to get a green circle there in the future. Do you think he will become a better striker if I keep training him as a Advanced forward or should I go for it and train him as a Complete forward?


Here is his form, He only played Complete forward 2 matches, as I wanted to try it. He plays Advanced forward, inverted winger left side or winger on right side when needed.


Would you play Complete or Advanced Forward in this tactic/formation? Perhaps its better to consider the whole team and tactic as well and not just the player.



Thank you for any advice.

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21 minutes ago, Dutchy1983 said:

I'd say he looks more like a young target man, decent height, better teamwork and passing than his shocking finishing

The Role and duty does say he is best as a Target Man, second place is Advanced forward, pressing forward. But I have not used him as a target man. I have never really used Target man in 4-2-3-1. I have in 2 or 3 striker formations.  Have you used a Target man alone on top in a 4-2-3-1 before, how does it perform?

Do you think he and the team as a whole would perform better if he was playing as a Target Man? And if so, what is your reasoning?

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I would be looking to train as a AML with IW or IF role. His technical abilities are far too weak to ever establish himself as a Striker ( Finishing, First Touch, Anticipation, Work Rate, Long Shots are all terrible). THe TEchnical abilities he does excel at all point to a player that runs well with the ball.

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