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Football Manager Mobile 2022 Main Winter Update 13.2.0 Out Now!

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The Main Winter Update is now live for FMM22.

More than 4.4m database changes are incorporated within the Main Winter Update, including changes to player data based on their performances in the first half of the season.

This update also contains fixes and improvements across multiple areas of the game. All gameplay adjustments will take effect in current careers, although you will need to begin a new save to take advantage of the data updates.

If you encounter any problems downloading and installing, we recommend manually checking for updates within Google Play Store & App Store.

Finally, we would like to thank all of you who have contributed towards the update by reporting and flagging issues within our dedicated Bug Tracker. Your assistance has helped drive the number of changes made within this update.

22.3 Changelist (includes but not limited to):

- Fixed multiple stability and crash issues
- Made various translation updates
- Fixed aerial/heading ability attribute not having the same value in Player Profile page as in In-Game Editor
- Enlarged bubble box and fixed alignment in 'Board Crisis Meeting' graphical news item
- Allowed managers to interact with players who are upset because a transfer has been turned down
- Added a margin for competition names in news items to avoid bleeding for long names
- Implemented manager silhouette images for 'Head Coach of the Month' awards page
- Added player profile happiness after playing down expectations
- Tweaked 'want to leave' interaction in the case that the club achieves more
- Updated the required score and ability for clubs more frequently to ensure better transfer shortlisting
- Fixed incorrect reference to user's club when scout reported at match watching player on loan at another team
- Changed content of league win graphical news item for opening/closing league stages
- Fixed issue where "Clubs release out of contract players" showed international players instead of - local ones
- Fixed text cut-off in scout report news item on Android HD skins
- Strengthened character count to avoid cutoffs when enumerating player's spoken languages
- Fixed some competition group view issues
- Increased chances to trigger 'Can't Settle' media item when all ideal conditions are gathered
- Replaced nationality tag with nation tag in a media item string
- Fixed misleading help text after talks break down when user receives an offer
- Fixed incorrect team being part of group drawn news item
- Fixed transfer exploit when selling players
- Fixed scout assignment not being cancelled when scout is sacked
- Allowed user to delete individual scout reports
- Added an option to deactivate Facegen images in-game for regenerated players
- Added a toned-down skin
- Initialised sullen news item 'response' button as inactive if linked media item response is denied
- Added negative relationships to the concerned player when 'insult team mates' media item is triggered
- Fixed "unprofessional antics" news effect incorrectly triggered
- Fixed issue where a user can offer a player a zero wage
- Fixed issue with different job security being displayed on different screens
- Corrected syntax error in a Board Confidence summary panel string
- Fixed issue where national flag appears as a club badge when managing national team
- Fixed various issues with the league history graphs
- Tweaked player interaction 'talks'
- Ensured that users have to offer a min-fee release clause in Spain and other similar countries
- Fixed issue where a players squad status happiness wasn't sensible
- Fixed scout assignment results being majorly affected by user spending all their transfer budget
- Fixed scouted person expected wages not being cleared when temporarily revealed during scout assignment
- Fixed scout assignment duration mismatch between assignment creator screen and news item
- Tweaked logic for call-ups to national teams so that a manager’s relationship with specific players and overall reputation has more influence
- Fixed 'could be next big thing' showing for players who aren't great and over 23
- Fixed issue where a buyout transfer doesn't transfer the transfer funds when completing
- Ensured that captain ids stored in save are cleared between save/loading
- Stopped human manager from having shortlisted players removed in some instances when they cancel a bid
- Replaced wrong manager card by user one in 'reaction to manager media reply' news items
- Removed 'assistant manager happiness warning' news item duplicates
- Fixed incorrect message shown to user if player wage demands cannot be met or negotiation failed
- Fixed issue with sell-on fees vanishing
- Changed displayed wage value on offer contract page to avoid confusion
- Fixed issue with squad dynamics not showing on personal profile correctly
- Fixed competition logo cutoffs in News List
- Fixed Team logos not displaying in the top bar in pkm replays
- Biased youngsters towards staying in their countries for loans; added bias according to language compatibility and adaptability
- Updated player photos and logos

If you encounter any problems with the game for crash or technical support please log a support ticket with our team and for any general bugs with the game please use our Bug Tracker.

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