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CBs' stamina draining way quicker than other players

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With a much higher tempo and higher LOE & HDL your back line will be working over time to compensate. 
however I do agree this is a bit of an issue, I had Milan Skrinrar who had 17 stamina, good work rate etc, standard tempo, standard DL and and a full back next to him who stayed back ( so not as tho he was having to cover) and he was always knackered. 
CB’s depleting quicker than a bbm is clearly a flaw. 

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I have had this issue even with lower defensive lines for the last three or four versions of the game. Towards the end of games my CBs are always dead on their feet. Their stamina isn't fantastic (as I play LLM) but it definitely drains really quickly compared to other outfield players with comparable stamina.

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32 minutes ago, Pattric_b said:

Do they play every game? How far into the season are you?

yea i rotate between 3 CBs and rest when there are less than 3 days between games, also 32 games a season so they're pretty spaced out. been this way since the start of the season. 

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