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Striker running towards keeper with ball (FM20)

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Hello. In most of my games in almost any team I manage; When the keeper drops the ball too feets and is walking with it, the opponent striker will run towards him, and then the keeper shoots the ball out long, or clears it sideways.

Very often/almost always the striker in question will run 15-25 meters away from the keeper first to form the formation, and then run back towards the keeper again. But why? If he just chased the keeper straight away, he could catch the ball much easier or at least make the keeper pressed more. Is there any strategic advantage for the striker to run away from the keeper and then towards the keeper again? Does it not tire him out faster too?

Is there a way to tell the striker to just stick around and not run back and forth, IF he didnt run 25 meters away first, he might actually catch the ball...

(Running away from keeper)

(Running towards keeper/Chasing ball)

Another quesiton: Is it possible to tell your striker to NOT do this at all? or prevent it from happening? I am currently leading 2-0 against the best team in the division, and I don't mind the opponent Keeper spending 1-2 minutes walking with the ball to waste time, can I tell this to my striker? He seems to rush their keeper to pass the ball.

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