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Question / Assistant Manager In-Game Recommendations

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Hi all,

Just curious, how often, if ever, do you pay attention to recommendations from your assistant regarding in-game stuff? For example, "We should mark so-and-so tightly" or whatever?

To date, I have pretty much ignored all such recommendations, and it hasn't hurt my team's performance. But admittedly, I'm currently playing lower leagues, and my faith in my assistant isn't very high. Additionally, I don't really trust my players to take on a lot of additional instructions without losing our shape entirely. I do wonder, as I advance to higher levels of play and higher quality staff, at what point should I potentially start trusting their instincts?



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My experience is that the "recommendations" are based on in-match statistics. So, if you have a TI for very short passing, but your team completes a couple of long ones, you will get a prompt to play more direct (and don't be surprised if, after several missed long passing attempts, you get another recommendation to go to a short passing game). And when you get a note to "trigger a press" on your opponent's AML, it's likely because he's already made some deadly crosses. Recommendations to mark a player tightly are usually after a player has made a couple of high xG shots. Usually, I follow the defensive recommendations. The offensive, not so much.

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I think when it comes to the tactical advices, your assistant managers can only be as good as the attributes and his knowledge are. He is always likely to take decisions based on certain reasons. However, you would always be the correct person to know what you want to happen in a tactic and hence you can completely ignore his directions if you know what you are doing. He is a good placeholder for new players but definitely you know your playstyle and tactic better than him.

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