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Help needed with Inverted Wing Backs

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Hi everyone,

I really like possession based tatics and one of my favorite managers is Pep Guardiola. I try to replicate is tatics and one thing I can´t replicate is the overlap of the IWB. Pep often plays with IWB (like in Bayern Munich and Man City). They are often in the midfield position but when the wingers have the ball (Inverted Wingers) they often overlap the wingers. 

The problem is that I can´t replacte this in FM22 because they won´t overlap, they always stay in the middle, even if I put Overlap rigjt/left in the team instructions. Is there any way I can put my IWB doing this ? 

All the help is welcome ! Feel free to help.

Thank you.

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Not sure really and I think they don't behave correctly. They position themselves far too centrally for my liking. 

Pep uses extreme width that's why he is using IWB in first phase of play. But compared to FM IWB he's more fullback support with stay narrower than IWB if you ask me.

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Short answer, like Mitja said, is no. I've tried so many different ways, they don't overlap enough or keep the width if the wingers come in narrow. It's a shame really...

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