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Decreased playing time unhappiness - more chat options


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I've just held unsuccessful contract extension talks with a player and decided to decrease his playing time to "Surplus to requirements" because he values himself way too much and I'll have to let him leave as a free agent. After he became concerned about his playing time, I noticed that none of the options given in the chat fit the context.

It would be great if we could tell players that we're not planning on playing them/giving them desired playing time unless they agree to sign a new contract on reasonable terms.

The player's reply could then either be disagreement or a promise that he'll agree to lower his contract demands.

Here are a few suggestions for the new chat options:

"After our last unsuccessful contract extension talks, it became apparent that we cannot come to an agreement on the terms of your new contract. Therefore, you will leave the club at the end of your current contrat and I cannot justify giving you the playing time you want."

"Since there's only a short time left on your current contract and you are not willing to agree to the terms we have offered to you in your new contract, I cannot give you the playing time you want as you'll leave the club in the near future as a free agent."

"Unless you agree to sign a reasonable contract with us, I will not play you and you'll leave the club when you contract ends."

"Unless you agree to sign a reasonable contract with us, I will not play you and will be looking to sell you in the near future."

Thank you for considering this suggestion. :)

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