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Suggest- Players cam be persuaded to change position


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When James Milner came to Liverpool he wanted to change position from the wing to central midfield.

Brendan Rogers promised him that CM position and this was part of the reason he agreed to sign.

But Milner has also helped out in other positions where asked to with minimum fuss. He currently plays CM but can also fill in at RB when required.

He even played an entire season at Left Back in 2016! This was only one year after he arrived at Liverpool in 2015, and was because Klopp felt their LB (Moreno) was not good enough (poor performances the previous season).

In another season Milner played Central Midfield but also backup to Trent in the RB position.

The game doesnt seem able to cope with the fact players who are promised specific positions when signing can nonetheless still be persuaded to help out in other areas due to their professionalism.

Suggest: Under Promises, next to each promise could be a ‘Discuss’ button.

You enter a conversation about the promise and if you have had a long term injury somewhere in the team recently, or a player having lots of poor performance scores, then there is an option to ask the player to pause their promise and to play as either cover or first choice in that problem position.

There could be a time limit to the pause eg please pause your promise until the next transfer window opens and i can buy/loan someone new to fix the problem.

Or you can request a position change just for one season and after that I will put you back in your favourite position and the promise will become live again.

Perhaps even an option to make a flat out request to the player to simply play in a different position just because it would work better with your tactics?

Then when they play in the new position and have high performance scores, they may decide to give up their promise permanently.

A player with high professionalism might be more agreeable to requests.

A manager with good persuasion might have a better chance of successfully persuading a player.

Genuine reasons for pausing a promise would have a better chance of succeeding (eg long term injury or consistent poor performance scores).

Users who attempt to exploit this new feature by asking every single player they sign to immediately pause their promise would need to be considered.

Serious complications and unhappiness should result if the manager asks a player to pause a promise but fails.  Perhaps even the player makes an immediate request to leave because he feels the promise on signing was fake and feel offended, or the player now fails to integrate into the team due to disillusionment, etc

There would be a greater chance of failure if the request is due to tactical reasons but a lower chance of failure if the request is due to someone having suffered a long term injury or poor form. Poor form from the previous season should be factored in.

Hope this sounds like a good idea.

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