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Mentality, Budget and KPI & Staff

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Hello, here are some of my recommendations to make the game more realistic:

1.       Improve impact of experienced players on team mentality and overall player development As seen in world football younger teams lacking leadership may not be able to fully develop their young players. (We should not be able to win consistently with a bunch of 20 year's old wonderkids. Make us be more reasonable. Mentality should have even more impact on player development, this would reflect the path that several young starts that had a tremendous potential but did not reach it because of soft mentalities (Martial, Taarabt, Mastour, and even Balotelli at some level).

2.       Manage top-level Marketing budget and have some KPI like Social Media Followers, effects on merchandising and finances, match attendances, and match revenue, etc. I know some if these items are already there, but it would be nice to have a graph showing the progression of game attendances, and how we can improve it (ex: play with an attacking mentality, develop a culture of local players, too many new players / selling team stars, etc.). Maybe we could have performance-based objectives from sponsors. I once managed Panetolikos in Greece, and could not even fill my 4000 seats stadium even if I was playing champions league games. I also feel like there is a lack of variability in attendances and gate receipt. (Make us work for this, ex: high attendance after large win, etc.).

3.       Staff attributes with range just like un-scouted players. It’s not realistic to have so much data on coaches simply because we have a coach from same nationality. Maybe it’s already the case, but shown staff attributes should be based on the judging staff ability of out staff member that ‘knows’ this person. On a similar subject, Coaches should not have physio/sport science attribute. (How could we have assessed this?). Coaches choices should rely more on reputation and tactical preferences. It's not realistic/unlikely that, if I manage Real Madrid per exemple I hire some unknown coach from the like 3rd division of Brazil.

4.       Staff personality should be able to create conflict (ex: assistant with Mourinho like management could create conflict, i.e.: Roy Keane vs McCarthy type of incidents.

5.       We should have to deal with more out of our control incident, i.e.: internal player conflict, player with bad influence on other, press scandals, player wages now public which results in other players wanting raises (see aftermath of Zouma’s salary if 150 000/week being publicly announced vs salary of Rice and other West ham players). (I know it could become frustrating, but it could results in difficule choices, ex: how to react to Ronaldo vs Maguire.

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