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Hi, all.

It's been a long time since I've been on the forums, but would really appreciate some help. 


I have been trying to use the free pre-game editor, but have run into some trouble. I don't have any errors, but when I try to use the new database, it won't recognize that it is there. Strangely, FM is using some older version that I created, but I thought was overridden. Does anyone have links to a tutorial on how to make sure editor data is saved properly and then merged with a database so it is playable or can you explain it to me? I'd like to make some custom leagues (like a world club competition), but for now I am only focusing on editing a club and some players and staff. For reference, I am using XBOX game pass version on PC.



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It is not quite clear to me what your problem is. Here is the steps for getting an editor file into the game, and you can tell me which part is not working properly for you, and we can troubleshoot.

1. Create the changes you want in the pre game editor

2. Save the changes in the pre game editor as, for example, MyChanges.fmf

3. S Click Start a new game.

4. Top right it says "Database". Click here.

5. A new panel will appear. It has a drop down menu for database (ignore it, at the time of writing there is only one FM22 database until the winter update releases)

6. Below there is something that says "Editor Data Files". Here you should see a list of all the files you made in the pregame editor. In our example, we would make sure that one called "MyChanges" has a tick in the box to the left of the game. Then click confirm.

7. Advanced setup, and set up the game as you want with leagues etc.

8. Check your edits are in the game.


Does this process work? And if not at which stage does it stop working?

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