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Cleaning Crew (FM22 Edition)


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As I have taken a reasonably long sabatical from FM blogging, we're back to fill the gap until the winter update is released with a group of saves where we try and save struggling clubs over a season. Football management is one of the most criticized positions in the world, feeling the pressure, with millions of eyes on the top managers in the world. Pep Guardiola cannot make everyone love him, but some managers fail to meet the expectations of the fanbase and are out of the door with fans glad to see the back of them. I cannot take over the role of Manchester United manager, not that I'd want it, so I've decided to whack open FM22 and try to better the real life failures.

The Rules

Well for this save, we'll be given 1 season to play through and complete, in this season we will be able to make signings with the budget the game gives us to try and compete in the windows. We will have atrribute masking off, editor disabled all the usual jazz and we will load the leagues I decide we need to complete the season.


As I follow the steps of most FM and FIFA content creators as I try to go throughout the footballing world trying to better there real-life seasons. This should be an interesting idea and very much an original concept *SCARCASM* as we find out I have the football manager brain of a damp teatowel!




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