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good defensive tactic????

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hi all, im useless with tactics so im usually here downloading them. Anyone know of a solid defensive tactic? i know its weird, but i love a 0-0 or 1-0 win, id even prefer a 1-0 loss to a 5-4 loss, i just find it much more realistic then winning 6-2 with most tactics here. Can anyone help me? thank you

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1 minute ago, MasterKano said:

If you're asking for recommendations then we need a bit more information such as; League level, quality of the squad etc... 

There are pre-built solid defense formations in-game already that you could tweak in order to get your desired outcome.


uh sure, im in league 1 with accrington stanley, third season, the  players are pretty much bang on average for this league, but my current tactic is smashing it so ill be no doubt in the championship next season. So i guess im looking for a tactic where i'll be in the championship with a league 1 squad, trying to stay up.

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