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FM22. The LOG tactic for world class teams. 5 seasons, 1071 goals. Update: One player scored 70 goals ..

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The LOG tactic is a tactic I created in FM21 with great success and I've refined it further in FM22. It's only been tested with Real Madrid but I suspect it'll work in other leagues as well. LOG stands for "Lots Of Goals" by the way :). I always try to make a tactic that requires close to no changes between playing at home or away - a one-fits-all if you will. In this case only mentality should be changed on occasion. More on that later. The results are great (for me at least) so give it a shot if you'd like.

I have a couple of things to note before I get on with the hows and whys, so here we go:

- I'm playing with a skin that lets me get instant results instead of actually playing the matches. IF I lose a match (or win but with a poor result) using the instant result function I will reload and play it myself (once!). Fair enough if you call that cheating, just know that I have never done worse than the AI in this regard and I will never reload a game that I have played manually, no matter the result. If this ruins the validity of the following for you, just can press "back" in your browser now :) .

- I'm not an expert in FM in any way - I just think I have a created a working tactic that I'd like to share. And no - winning with world class teams is probably not that hard for veterans of the game but in every regard this works better than what I'm used to.

- If you don't like this post, please don't take the time to flame - constructive criticism is very welcome though.


Here's an overview of the stats so far:



With that out of the way, let's take a look at the formation (don't mind the name - I've renamed it after taking screenshots):


And yes, you are correct - I don't utilize wingers in this tactic. The idea is to overload the oppositions' half with a lot of attacking talent in the middle of the park - in this case, both WB's will support in the attacking third and add to the pressure on the defenders. The midfield roles suit this tactic really well, but I think you can switch them around a bit if you have players with a different skill set. Just be sure not to be too attack-minded.


Since the team had better players in the later seasons, I will focus on the first season where I hadn't changed much to the line-up. It must be said, however, that I bought Erling Haaland who is insane in front of goal which obviously helped me succeed.

This was my team in the first season:


Great team for sure but compared to Liverpool, Man. City or PSG for instance it's nothing insane. Below you can se the results of the first season - there are a few very lucky results against Liverpool in particular.





As mentioned earlier, it's a goal-friendly tactic but also extremely viable defensively. Take a look for yourself (1st to 3rd season):




The final match of the third season was away against Barcelona - it was quite a nailbiter and one of the few occasions where my xG was lower than the opponent's. With a goal making it 2-3 four minutes into stoppage time I managed to finish the season with maximum points. Phew.


This is the performance chart comparing Real Madrid to the rest of the league - it doesn't look too bad:



In the third season I had a really great team where I used as many players as much as possible. Note the amount of goals from Mbappé and Haalnad in particular. Machines.




As mentioned in the beginning, this is a tactic that requires little to no change from playing at home or away. 95 % of the time I start with a balanced mentality and that's usually it. In case the opponent is another world class team, I might start with a cautious mentality and take it from there. If I get behind, I tend to risk it all and switch to attacking mentality. If I have to protect a lead in the dying minutes, I change to a defensive mentality. Makes sense, no? There's not much more to it than that.

A very imortant thing, however, are the Opposition Instructions. They make or break this tactic's usefulness. A rule of thumb is to always make sure that the most creative and/or attack minded players are put under some kind of pressure. I usually do the following:

Supporting/attacking full backs: weaker foot, trigger press if I know they're good

Wingbacks: weaker foot, trigger press

Main creative central midfielder or att. midfielder: weaker foot, tight marking

Wingers: weaker foot or same foot as the side they play on, trigger press

Forwards: weaker foot, tight marking

Hard tackling on players below 11 in bravery and/or those recommended by the ass. man.


I think that's it. If you've made it this far - congratulations. Let me know how the tactic works out if you decide to try it.

I've also attached the match against Barcelona I mentioned earlier. Quite the game where I admittedly had Lady Luck on my side.


- T



Barcelona v Real Madrid thriller.pkm LOG TFJ v.1.fmf



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  • Troels Jensen changed the title to FM22. The LOG tactic for world class teams. 3 seasons, 600 goals.
20 hours ago, Nitro871 said:

How about the defense? Is it reliable?

Well, if you look at the screenshots you can see that over the three seasons played in the league (114 matches), the total amount of goals scored against is 44 goals (14, 14, 16). I think that's acceptable.

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Season 4 completed - unbeaten in every competition this time, and only two draws all in all - both in the league. First draw was a fair 1-1 away against Atl. Madrid. The second draw was an embarrassing 1-1 draw at home to the eventually relegated Cadíz. Still, it was yet another very succesful season - I like to develop young talents so a lot of the matches were played with less than world class players in some positions but the goal scoring in the league was still high compared to the previous seasons. Anyway, here are a few screenshots for those interested:



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Tried holiday'ing a season in the EPL with an out-of-the-box Everton and it turned out fairly decent (second highest goals for, unfortunately a lot of goals against). I'm quite certain it would have gone even better, had the "cautious" mentality been selected against the big five in particular. I'm not sure if there's a certain way to set up these holiday games so I just started a new game with Everton, ticked the "use current match tactics" box and let it run it's course. Anyway:

Edit: Just realized that Everton made it all the way to the FA Cup final - lost 3-1 to Liverpool of course ..


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  • Troels Jensen changed the title to FM22. The LOG tactic for world class teams. 3 seasons, 600 goals. Update: Everton 5th on holiday.
  • Troels Jensen changed the title to FM22. The LOG tactic for world class teams. 5 seasons, 1071 goals. Update: One player scored 70 goals ..

Just finished season 5. Won every single match in the league and won the CL final against PSG 2-1 after extra time.


Season 5 notable mentions:

Total goals all competitions: 252

League goals for: 158

League goals against: 12

Champions League goals: 56

Topscorer (Mbappé): 70 goals in all competitions


If someone has the time I'd like to hear how/if this tactic works for them ..

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